A Transition Called Death
At some point in time we will all have to face this … the loss of  a loved one.
However, from a Spiritual perspective death is a transition whereby a part of the Soul that became one with the physical body before birth withdraws back to its nonphysical planes of reality.
There are cases of near death experiences where people found themselves going through a tunnel towards the light. In some cases that light could well have been representative of a higher aspect of their Soul that was still visible with their human consciousness as the Soul was at the time still partly part of their human experience.

However some are also reporting meeting with loved ones first. Others report being with a Spiritual Wise being or group and being given more information about their purpose and because their earthly journey was not completed.

After death the Soul will have a life review with a  council whereby certain experiences of the earthly life may need a deeper understanding. This life review includes all events that may not have been fully understood by the Soul including pain, hurt or aggression caused to others.

Time of Death
My own experience taught me that in normal circumstances the time of death is known in advance. I have on several occasions received guidance about the timing of a person’s passing. On some occasions it was almost a year in advance at other times only hours. In the case of it being more than a few days away I would not be given an exact date but it would be more like “in about 6 to 7 weeks”.
In all these instances the person died a sudden natural death where there was at the time of the message no visible sign of ill-health.

I was given that information on several occasions with close family members but also with people I did not know very well.

I still remember an incident with elderly neighbors in the 1990s. I knew the husband was ill and was cared for at home by his wife. Other than that I really did not know them very well. I remember arriving home after work one day at the same time my neighbor drove into her driveway.
This amazing guidance (my Soul Essence) came into me telling me to go and talk to her. So I did and began a spontaneous “talk” about how she urgently needed to talk to her husband about everything between them, and more….. I heard myself say all that while I barely knew them. I suddenly could no longer stop the flow of words, much to my own embarrassment. Particularly when my neighbor sat there motionless (perhaps stunned) in the driver’s seat of her car with the door open and started crying!!
When all was finished I went inside and that time I was not told why I had to say all this. However 10 hours later, in the middle of the night I was woken by  an ambulance arriving at their house. I found out the following morning that he passed away that night! Never could I doubt my own guidance again.

In another situation a seemingly healthy elderly relative died suddenly as a result of stroke. Months earlier I received guidance that he would not live much past Christmas. He peacefully died three weeks after Christmas.

From a spiritual perspective these timings are known while our human consciousness often does not know as most people could not cope knowing this information in advance.

During the times I helped people spiritually with their transition I always was aware of Soul leaving. I recall an instance with a terminally ill client with an already very advanced stage of  cancer when I first met her. Several weeks later when I received a call from her carer asking for help as this client could not let go and was in a semi-unconscious state, vegetating and had been clinging to life for a week. When I asked for guidance I was spiritually given permission through my Soul healing work to help her “undo” a major energetic cording with one of her children. She died peacefully 2 hours after that healing completed.

One of the first books that helped me better understand this process in my earlier years was a book I read about death and dying in the early 1990s.
It was by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross  a great lady. She was a pioneer I can recommend her books on this subject.