The information below about Spirit was given to me by Spirit in a channeling. I decided to share it to clarify the work I do with Spirit and Soul.

Spirit or Life Force
Spirit is the source of all life. Spirit is also that which gives life to your Soul. Without Spirit, your Soul and you in human form could no longer exist. Without Spirit there would not be any life on this planet.

In essence Spirit permeates and transcends all those levels of being and Realities. It permeates all of us through the Soul Plane where all Souls are connected.

Spirit is the highest level of consciousness available to us and our Soul and therefore our own inner wisdom.

Spirit is ultimately the driving, underlying principle in all the products and services available on this website, but with your Soul in the drivers seat as it always knows what you need the most from an evolutionary perspective.

Soul Healing
Your Soul is of a greatness and wisdom that is beyond most people’s understanding and it has an enormous capacity to heal you and realign you.

Your Soul and Spirit can heal many issues at all levels of being such as at a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

In essence, the soul is perfect and complete, an exact reflection of God’s ever-existing, ever-conscious,
ever bliss. But when incarnate, it takes on the dualistic nature of creation, outwardly expressing
primarily either masculine or feminine, positive or negative, half of its essence.
Paramahansa Yogananda