Soul’s Entry into Life
Your Soul starts to enter its physical incarnation before birth.
I had one of my earliest experiences with the Soul when I was in my mid-twenties.
I had just become a mother and during the pregnancy my experiences were similar to anyone else’s, I did not notice anything different .
However all that was about to change. The first few minutes after my son’s birth when all attention went first to the newborn baby I became suddenly aware of my son’s Soul entering his little body, something I had never given any thought before.
That event made me curious if the Soul always entered its “human incarnational vehicle” immediately after birth or if this differed from person to person.

Through my own experiences I already understood that I had “lived before” in past incarnations.
I vividly recall my own conscious knowing at the age of four that I had lived in a different place before I entered this life.
However I was at the time not given much details about that previous existence. But I was certainly not fully separate from higher dimensional beings. They were always around to help me.

I kept this knowledge to myself as I knew that no one around me would know or understand about this subject .
My understanding of past life experience and reincarnation would be reinforced several times during the following years by “seeing” relatives that had passed away.
I lived in the Netherlands at the time. It was during the late 1960s and 1970s with virtually no information about this subject available at the time.

Soul’s Integration
It was not until I was nearly 30 when that changed after I had immigrated to Australia and began to meet more spiritually aware and spiritually gifted people who gave me their view on this subject through their own wisdom and experience.
I met a gifted clairvoyant who told me that she would often see the Soul enter and leave the baby while still in the womb and this would continue till several weeks after the baby’s birth.
From her I learned that it can sometimes take months before the Soul has fully integrated with its new physical body, with that integration starting sometime before birth.
The Soul needs time to adapt to its new human form, its new vehicle for its new earthly incarnation.

Soul’s Destiny
Our Souls are always ultimately in charge of our incarnational plane. Before birth, the Soul will, with the help of a spiritual council, choose certain life experiences and events. That also includes those it would like to meet again in this new life, often for spiritual an incarnational reasons. There is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to your family and also sometimes friends.

I found through my practice that in most cases when we have unresolved issues with one of our parents there are deeper underlying reasons such as incompletions from a past lives. There are no accidents.
This may also include incompletions from a previous incarnation related to a major unresolved event in a specific geographical location. I found out through past life regression that I had lived once before in the Netherlands, my country of birth. I had lived in an area less than 50km away from my current city of birth.
However, circumstances then were quite different from this life. By the time I became aware of this past incarnation I was already living in Australia. From the guidance I received I had already cleared most of that past life while still living in the Netherlands. When these clearings took place I was not even consciously aware of this unresolved past life.

Our Soul always knows the major milestones it wishes to achieve in human form during each incarnation on this planet. as the Soul decides before birth, with the help of spiritual assistance or elders, what it will want to experience or learn during this lifetime.