Eight joyful children are lying on the floor on a white background

Mia has helped children of all ages for many different issues.

Each child is unique and each circumstance surrounding a child is different.

Children have benefited from these healings for issues such as:

    • Mobility issues
    • Not sleeping or waking often
    • Nightmares with Panic 
    • Autism
    • Crying issues such as relentless crying
    • Cognitive Development such as speech impediments
    • Extreme shyness relative to the child’s developmental age
    • Pains that were not quantifiable
    • Biting issues
    • Restlessness
    • Anxiety driven behaviour
    • Fears in the classroom for other children or teachers, or bullying issues
    • Fears of parental issues or even fears of a parent without the parent being excessive in any way
    • Sibling Rivalry
    • Learning Issues
    • Abandonment Issues
    • Headaches
    • issues of loss such as a close friend or relative or a parent
    • Suicidal thoughts or tendencies. However I must stress to always immediately seek professional help first should your child display such tendencies.

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