Mia den Haan’s Special Offer

Upgrade Your Lower Body With Spirit

Strengthen Hips, Thighs, Knees, Feet and Toes
With Help of Your Soul and Spirit 

Receive healings to improve the functioning of your lower body with the help of Mia den Haan’s clairvoyant and channelling ability, and through the guidance her connection with Spirit and the Divine provides.

The soul channellings in this package hold energetic imprints and instructions for your soul. Every-time you listen to any of these products your Soul and Spirit will recognise the energetic imprints embedded in every MP3 and energetically provide the clearings you need at the time you listen.

This will help support, strengthen and improve your physical body now and in the future. Both your Soul and Spirit are with you during your life on this planet and are therefor always able to provide you on an ongoing basis with energetic support at any given time in the future.

The spiritual energy and channelled content embedded in each module and in all the group calls will help you to shift rapidly to a much better state.

These products help with:

  • Strengthening Your Muscular System and Tendons and Weakened Parts of Your Lower Body

  • Painful joints and ligaments in lower part of the body

  • Painful Knees

  • More Flexibility

  • Strengthen Feet and Ankles

  • Recurring pain

  • Heals and Strengthen Injured parts of your lower body

  • Support with walking issues

  • Better alignment of your lower part of body and maintain these alignments


Extract from the book “Affirming and Focusing on Living a Better Life” by Kerie Logan the mother of Arlen, who could barely speak and also had severe mobility issues before he received Mia’s distant healings in 2012. At the time six year old Arlen would walk a few feet and fall to his knees. He could not walk downstairs without someone holding his hand, and he could not jump or run.

From Kerie’s Book : “To my surprise and that of everyone else he started to gain his daredevil confidence. One day he was in the living room jumping off the couch. When he landed he did not fall on his knees. His balance was much better. I watched him do it over and over again. It was like a miracle had taken place right before my eyes. Within two weeks after the healings began he started to run around the house. I know it is a rule at the gym’s kids club to not allow the children to run, but the women were amazed to watch him run for the first time. They did not have the hearts to tell him to stop. To be able to witness him being able to run with joy and excitement just makes my heart sing. Every time I am grateful that words cannot speak. The gift Mia den Haan gave me is what every parent would wish. It was a blessing and I am so thankful.”
Kerie Logan http://www.empoweredwithin.com/

Your physical, mental and emotional bodies are all part of a much greater energy structure called your Soul. Your Soul encompasses all your human outflows including your etheric template, which holds the blueprint for your physical existence.

Your soul, by its very nature, has a Divine Intelligence which can assist with your body’s physical well-being as it knows what is needed to strengthen any part of your lower body. It knows what is needed for improvement.

With the help of Spirit and your Soul, the channelled content on all MP3s and calls you will automatically begin to clear and adjust any weakness and misalignments and improve your physical well-being.

All this will happen in a gentle way, at your own pace, and in alignment with your Soul’s Divine Intelligence.


I wanted to give you a belated testimonial for your show on February 16th with fromheartachetojoy.com.
Remember the woman you worked with, who was having troubles with her hip? At the time, you said that that particular healing probably wouldn’t be available to others, since she had such a complicated personal tangle to undo around it.
So I really wasn’t expecting anything, but I noticed a short while later that my own hips (which are better but still a little rigid, the remains of a neuromuscularimmune etc. illness) were moving better!
I had more fluidity, and more range of motion in them.
You may already have gotten tons of feedback of this kind, but I just wanted to be sure you know that your own range may be greater than you imagine!      Sunday US

Your physical body is part of your greater self, which includes many different energy structures like meridians, chakras, mental, emotional, astral and other energy bodies.

These different energy structures each have unique frequencies and functions, and can cause a misalignment in your physical body.
Your body also sometimes holds awareness of past lives and of unprocessed traumatic events from this lifetime. This can be at a cellular level, held in chakra’s, meridians or even on the etheric level.

Memories of fear and trauma can create imbalances which can lead to stress, pain, and disease any where in your body.
The MP3s engage your Divine Self to help with clearings in all these different planes of awareness. These MP3s will continue to do the clearing work  any time you listen in the future.

Marcia talks about how she was so ill that she spent most of her time in bed.

None of the healers she consulted with, nor other modalities, had been able to help her until she began Mia’s healings.

Lauren had exhausted all of her options to clear severe pain from a motor vehicle accident head injury. The treating neurologist suggested 70 Botox injections in her brain each time she needed pain relief. As a result, Lauren could not function well, nor work. After asking help through prayer she found Mia. After several sessions her nerve pain was healed with no Botox treatment, and Lauren is now working full-time.

Here are some of the results clients have reported:

  • Permanent healing of diabetic retinopathy after laser eye surgery failed

  • Permanent disappearing of ovarian cyst—confirmed by physician
  • Cleared weight gain issues

  • Multiple Sclerosis pain reduction, improved mobility, no longer needing a walking aid

  • Reduced swollen feet that previously would not change by any means

  • Cleared severe tonsillitis that no longer responded to antibiotics

  • Long-standing diabetes type 1, permanent reduction of insulin intake, as well as stable blood sugar levels

  • High blood pressure back to normal on a permanent basis without the need for medication

  • Relief of backaches, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain

  • Spiritual guidance on any issue

  • Cleared sexual abuse issues both from early childhood and in relationships

  • Gain better clarity with your purpose in life

  • Cleared childhood issues, including those that are often no longer remembered (your soul always remembers)

  • Cleared suicidal thoughts or tendencies—however, always immediately seek professional help first

  • Improved self-worth, social anxiety, and shyness in adults and children

  • Increased mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Reduced carer strain or overload

  • More harmonious family relationships between partners, siblings, and parent and child

  • Reduced workplace stresses, cleared issues such as bullying and control in the workplace

  • Spiritual guidance in career options, career development, help with study anxiety

  • Improved corporate decision-making and management of business

  • Improved management skills in dealing with difficult clients and staff

  • Insight through spiritual means, clarity on any issue

  • Cleared grief, sadness, loss, loneliness, and abandonment in both children and adults

  • Further development of Spiritual Gifts, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance

  • Reduced stress levels, panic attacks, anxiety, and trauma

  • Improved mobility

  • No more autism, improved cognitive development, such as speech impediments

  • Cleared nightmares with panic, improved sleeping patterns, and no more relentless crying

  • Cleared fears in the classroom for other children or teachers, learning issues, bullying issues

  • Cleared extreme shyness relative to the child’s developmental age

  • Cleared headaches, bumps, bruises, and pains that were not quantifiable

  • Cleared sibling rivalry, stopped biting issues, and cleared restlessness and anxiety-driven behavior

  • Cleared any issues of loss, such as with a close friend, relative, or parent, or in the classroom

  • Cleared bullying issues, being stalked


4 recorded group calls + 16 MP3s + 5 eBooks

Package A has 4 recorded 90 min. Group Calls plus 16 MP3s and 5 eBooks

During these 4 calls —which were recorded in Nov/Dec 2017—the focus is on what energetic blocks there are to assist your lower body improve its functioning.

Each call will provide unique clearings to help clear the various patterns and beliefs that can prevent your health from improving through Spirit.

Your will receive a downloadable MP3 of every call as the clearing will be equally as powerful when listening to a recording. The energetic clearings in every call will get activated every time you listen and will provide upgrades on an ongoing basis.


Supporting Your Hips 

The hips connect the lower body and the upper body to work in unity. At the same time the hips provide stability, strength and flexibility to both upper and lower body.
It is important that your hips are in alignment. When your hips are misaligned it can create other issues such as pain in your lower back, knees, shoulders or ankles.

The hips are quite complicated. The hips connect with the thigh bone, which fits into the socket of the pelvic girdle. The hips need flexibility for you to move and at the same time they need to support your body and help retain balance.

It is very important to take good care of your hips to keep them strong, flexible, and properly aligned as sometimes with age and use the cartilage in the hip can wear down or become damaged. Also muscles and tendons in the hip can sometimes get overused.
This call will help with the overall strengthening of the hips.

This MP3 includes:

  • Clearings for the hip joints
  • Strengthening of muscle tissue
  • Clearings for mental and emotional issues affecting the hips
  • Clearings for injury or trauma of all joints, ligaments, muscle and tendons in the hip area


Working with Mia Den Haan has been absolutely amazing. A year and a half ago I developed a horrible pain in my hips that by the point I sought help from Mia was so severe that I was unable to walk for long periods at a time. During our session where we addressed this issue she was able to zoom in on the problem and assess that it was in part due to misalignment as a result of bad footwear. She cleared the problem completely in the one session and I’m able to go hiking again.

I highly recommend Mia Den Haan for her outstanding healing ability and high level of integrity and expertise in healing not just on the physical level, but every level where healing is needed. I feel enormously fortunate to be able to have access to what Mia has to offer. I’ve participated in several of the packages Mia has created and can highly recommend all of them, they are enormous value for money. Thank you so much Mia, it’s awesome to work with you.
-Mariet D, Belgium


Supporting Your Knees

This MP3 provides support for your knees as your knee is the most complicated and one of the largest joints in your body. Your knee provides support when upright yet can also act like a “hinge” and also rotate the lower leg and foot.

The knee bears your weight all the time yet at the same time is capable of flexible movement. A lot is asked of your knee, to be flexible and able to bend and at the same time provide support and stability. Also when you walk, your knees support 1.5 times your body weight; and climbing stairs is about 3-4 times your body weight.

The knee has ligaments, two meniscus, a kneecap, cartilage and fluid to keep the knee “well lubricated” and move easily and without friction. Also good muscle strength is needed to help the knee function.

This recording will help the knee function better through energetic clearings and “form building” with the help of spirit and your soul.

This MP3 includes:

  • Clearings for past knee injuries
  • Energetic clearings for pain and trauma held in the knee
  • Stress releases in the various ligaments in the knee
  • Clearings for any cellular or karmic imprints
  • Clearings for overexertion such as through excersize or excessive walking or running


Hi, Mia; I wanted to thank you for our session the other day! My hip pain is much better.

I hadn’t connected leaving my job with pain. I look forward to the calls beginning next week.
-Linda Long


Supporting Your Thighs

This MP3 provides ongoing support for the thigh area, in particular for both ends of the single bone, the femur, which is located between the knee and pelvic area. The femur joins both the hip and the knee. It is therefore important to keep those ends in good health.

Your thigh can easily be injured because of overexertion or sports injury. Sometimes a hip or knee issue can create pain in this area.

The tight muscles can also hold tension which can affect your mobility. This can be due to physical trauma, unconscious memories of past life issues and unprocessed emotional issues. The common fight or flight response can also have an effect on the thigh muscles.
The muscles in the thigh are always being used and hold many memories from running to bending and lifting.

You can listen to this recording anytime in the future as it will retain the clearings forever.

This MP3 includes:

  • Clearings for the thigh bone both at the knee and hip
  • Clearings for past injury or trauma
  • Clearings for the emotional stress affecting all muscles group in the upper leg
  • Stress releases from overexerting your thigh muscles


Mia’s special offer package and the session with her, help me to focus and move forward on my spiritual pas easy and effortlessly.

In our session Mia help me with discomfort in my thoracic area that I had for last 35 years.
I don’t feel it now.Thank you very much

Much Love
Kveta – Canada


Provide Extra Support For Your Feet

This MP3 supports your feet in multiple ways both energetically as well as at a cellular level.
From your body’s perspective the feet are very complex in nature and are a miracle in their own right as they can support all your weight and yet also have the flexibility to move in various directions. The feet can tilt, rotate, stretch and most of the time we are not aware of our feet.

Often the feet are neglected while they form a firm basis of support for your body. Each foot and ankle contain 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Also half of the main are present in the feet.

Feet are often more exposed to potential infections and injuries than other parts of your body such as your hands.

There are three sections of the foot :
The forefoot which includes your toes,
The midfoot which creates the arch
The hindfoot which is formed by the ankle and heel

This MP3 will help strengthen the overall functioning of your feet with the help of spirit and your soul.

This MP3 includes:

  • Clearings for forefoot including for past injuries such as broken toes
  • Clearings for the midfoot to strengthen the arch
  • Clearings for the hindfoot to support the ankle
  • Stress releases from standing too long on your feet either now or in the past
  • General clearings for untreated foot injuries

A Total of 20 MP3s plus 5 eBooks

Special Offer $157

A Total of 20 MP3s plus 5 eBooks
PLUS 35 min Session with Mia

 Special Offer $277


I found the healing experiences with Mia excellent and noticed marked improvements particularly with my walking. Because of the MS I needed a walking aid before I started Mia’s healings. After several of her healings I can now walk virtually unaided.
Thanks to the channeled information Mia received through her guidance I was also able to get a lot more insights about many of the core issues behind my Multiple Sclerosis.
Because of these news insights I can now cope much better.
I am still able to volunteer my time several days a week and I can still help many families or people in need. Also some of Mia’s spiritual tools have provided additional help.

Gea S. – Enschede Netherlands


Your Soul and You

1 MP3 plus 1 Workbook

This MP3 improves your connection with higher planes of wisdom and will clear misalignments between your persona and your soul’s higher planes.
Your soul is what brought you here on planet earth in the first place. It knows your purpose for incarnating.
Your soul is also often one of the least understood energy structures and yet at the same time is very much part of your overall structure.
Once your soul and you are more aligned, you will feel better, and there will be more clarity. The other benefit is more physical relaxation which in turn helps support your body.  When you are stressed your muscles will also become tense and when a muscle remains tense for too long it leads to all kinds of other issues.
This MP3 comes with a with worksheet to provide additional support whilst listening to this clearing recording.


Kayla’s testimonial of how Mia has helped her and her husband with his Lewy Body dementia.


Sonhui talks about how Mia’s healings helped her and her autistic son


Weight loss With Spirit

This product consists of 7 MP3s and 2 eBooks

It contains channeled instructions from Spirit for your Soul’s evolutionary process to help you clear old habits and beliefs around food.

You will be releasing old habits and thinking in relation to food and also increase inner well-being and inner strength and inner oneness whereby your desires and food preferences naturally improve.

The module can help improve discernment when buying food and reducing the effect of most sensory or seductive influences and can help create happier inner states and release of old unwanted states or believes that may affect dietary habits.

Can give more inner clarity around your weight loss issues such as which food to eat and when to eat.

  • Release of old habits in relation to food

  • Increased inner well-being and inner strength and inner oneness

  • Improving discernment when buying food and reducing the effect of most sensory or seductive influences

  • Happier inner states and release of old unwanted states or believes that may affect dietary habits

  • Improved inner states, whereby our desires and food preferences may naturally improve

  • More inner clarity around your weight loss issues, such as which food to eat and when


Each MP3 was created with your convenience foremost in mind and will be quick and easy. Each listening will not take more than 10 minutes, to minimize interruption of your daily activities. You can continue your day after a listening, with no need to meditate. Your Soul Essence and spirit will continue to clear issues after you have stopped listening. These clearings NEVER affect any of your activities. Your soul essence will take care of that.


I have had a lot neck pain since I had an accident in my early twenties. After Mia’s healing, I felt a lot of movement of energy, heat and a release in my neck.

I no longer have pain and it can move much more easily and freely now. I have also had chronic fatigue for 30 years also and spent a lot of time in bed.

Now I have much more energy and feel, I am able to live my life to the full and do the things I love. Thank you Mia.
-Sheridan G. Brisbane Australia


Since I can remember back to my childhood, I always have been wanting sweets and could never get enough of them. But when I got into puberty things got worse, because I started to put on weight which became a constant battle for my whole life. The bigger I became, the more consolation I sought in eating chocolate, cakes, ice creme and any kind of sweets. Without realizing it I got caught in a vicious circle without a chance to get out there anymore.

This was the exact case when I joint Mia’s Weight Loss group call…I was fascinated not only by these complete new information and unexpected correlations and insights but above all by the clearings we all received on this call and which I could feel so clearly happening instantaneously. I was very lucky having a private session booked for the next day, so Mia could even unhook deeper layers and set me free from this slavery of sugar cravings.

In the following days I could look at all those tempting cakes, smell and practically have under my nose even the most delicious sweets without getting triggered anymore, and when my husband was offering me a dessert, just as we used to do, I was surprised how easy and natural it was for me to say “No, thank you, I don’t fancy any right now!”. I am living a miracle!!! – “Sweets have lost their power over me!”

I am infinitely grateful to Mia that she is sharing such a wonderful gift so generously with us.

~ Silvia M


Mia den Haan delivers big time. Her weight loss with the help of spirit has helped me more than any other program I’ve tried. And I’ve been at this a while. As a result of the clearings I’ve experienced when listening to her group calls and modules, my tastebuds seem to be changing, along with other addictive type cravings. I have lost at least 10 pounds, and I seem to have FINALLY cleared my sweet tooth. So much so, that certain types of treats which used to give me pleasure now have the opposite affect. I recently tasted a spoonful of ice cream (my weakness) and found it unpleasantly sweet. One taste was enough. I actually made a face! The clearings have also made night time eating
(one of my issues) a thing of the past for me. Once I got as far as the fridge. But I stopped, turned around, and went right back to bed.

In one group call, Mia worked extensively on our livers. I woke up feeling revitalized the next morning. I’ve noticed that prior to Mia’s group calls, I usually get an energy burst and the urge to exercise. (Sometimes I am still using my Total Gym when the call starts) I realized this extra motivation was fueled by Mia, simply tapping into us, and checking our needs for the call. BEFORE she formally begins, Mia’s energy is already making me feel better.

I have worked with several healers and their packages over the past 2 years, as I’ve tried to deal with issues from past trauma such as weight gain. With some, I’ve experienced shifts and relief, and I’ve managed to grow more accepting of my body as it is.

But permanent weight loss and control over addictive coping patterns hasn’t been achieved. Mia’s great gifts are finally helping me to shift this paradigm once and for all. I look forward to more positive results as I go through the modules.

~ Jody, US


Quick General Stress Release

This brief six-minute MP3 is convenient for when you don’t have much time for a full clearing session. Clients have found it a great tool to use on a daily basis.

The embedded instructions for your soul can provide a quick and effortless daily realignment. This will automatically begin to reduce any stress in your life.

These soul alignments allow more of your own true nature to emerge, and therefore create a better inner state.

The energetic clearings embedded in this MP3 will assist with the realignments based on your soul’s guidance, as your soul knows how much you can release in the desired areas at any given time.


I used to feel overloaded and severely stressed all the time. Most of those stresses began after a serious accident at work many years ago. In addition I was also caring for several mostly elderly people which also added to my stress. Almost all of those stresses have released since I began receiving healings from Mia. I now feel so much better since all that stress has released.

~ Maria – Toronto Canada


Moving Forward With Ease and Your Body

4 MP3s with eBook

These MP3s will clear stuck energy held anywhere in the body.

By focusing on the affected area, your soul will automatically know the underlying cause and events behind the energy blockages.

These MP3s will help you move forward with grace and ease, and in alignment with your Divine Soul Essence, by releasing any thoughts, beliefs, or emotions that no longer serve you.

This will improve the flow of your own life force through the affected area. You can now effortlessly and with ease start clearing blockages anywhere in the body according to your soul’s blueprint because of the embedded clearing instructions channeled by spirit.

After listening to these MP3s, you can continue with your daily activities as these clearings NEVER affect any of your activities. Your soul essence will take care of that.



Love and Your Completeness

3 MP3s with eBook 

This module will help with your overall quality of life by clearing unwanted insights and viewpoints about life in a broader sense.

The MP3s will help integrate any unresolved planes of consciousness other modules did not clear.

Your Soul knows when you have incompletions around a certain issue and will begin to shift you to your next best version of yourself in that particular aspect of being.

This will increase your level of wellbeing in a broader sense.


When you work with Mia it’s all about you.Mia sees beneath the surface to events and feelings you may have long forgotten.

When Mia talks about something it’s always a key to solve a problem for you. Mia is exceptionally gifted, gentle and extremely generous. Her insights are laser sharp. Her clearings are often immediate… They continue over time… They are deeply healing.

I came to Mia with tremendous grief, overwhelming exhaustion, and a sudden, debilitating arthritis in one hand. After feeling powerful energy shifts by using Mia’s clearing MP3s and participating in her group calls, I signed up for her 15 days of intensive healing. As a result, I feel much lighter. In fact a colleague recently commented that I seem much lighter to her!

I have a reserve of energy now and my hand feels almost brand new! I use Mia’s clearing MP3s whenever needed. I realize working through grief is a process, and Mia’s MP3s keep taking me to the next level.

Your healing of my left hand saved me quite a lot of money in that the occupational therapy was so expensive I had discontinued going. It was my plan to continue with it at a later date, with the knowledge that I might need surgery. The very knowledgeable therapist taught me ways to live with my hand’s dysfunction. However, working with you restored function by, I’d say, 95 percent… and virtually eliminated the pain. Although I’m still careful with my left hand, for the most part it’s back to normal.

Mia is so special to me… just hearing her voice brings deep comfort and healing! I wholeheartedly recommend working with Mia!

~ Audrey

This Package Contains:

Four Recorded Group Calls: Call 1: Supporting Your Hips – Call 2: Supporting Your Knees
Call 3: Supporting Your Thighs – Call 4: Supporting Your Feet and Ankles

Two Additional Programs:    Your Soul and You: MP3 & eBook   –   Weightloss with Spirit: 7 MP3s & eBook

Three Bonuses: Moving Forward with Ease and Your Body – 4 MP3s with eBook
Quick General Stress Release 1 MP3 – Love and Your Completeness – 3 MP3s with eBook

Special Offer $157

 Add 35 min session with Mia $277


“During the 1990s when I was still running my IT business, I began receiving guidance that I was no longer on purpose; however, initially I did not give it the attention it deserved. Thus I became gradually more and more stressed and only started to take more notice when I had a somewhat blurred vision in one eye. Ironically, I was denying my spiritual guidance and did not want to see the truth! Unbeknown to me my blood pressure was far too high (around 190-200). Resulting from that and other work-related stresses, my retina had started detaching, which could lead to blindness if not treated. As I only had weeks before I was scheduled for laser surgery, I decided to give it all and was able to reverse the high blood pressure and fixed the retina issue within weeks which the eye specialist later confirmed. Thus I avoided laser surgery. To this day my blood pressure has been within the normal range without ever needing any medication.

An elderly family member suffered from severe sciatic pains on one side of her body many years ago. By the time I found out she had already received many hours of physiotherapy as well as 15 injections. As nothing was helping she could barely speak from the pain when I phoned her from Australia. With her permission I started a very intensive daily distant healing process (she lives in the Netherlands) for about 5 days. After the 5 days she was pain free and that severe pain never returned. It turned out it was caused by a swelling or bulge around the spinal area called L4. Based on scans prior to giving her these healings, her specialist had decided she needed an operation. Spirit told me at the end of the 5 days healing that she no longer needed this operation. This was confirmed 3 months later, during a visit to the specialist who was going to perform her operation. This visit was already booked before I began the healings. She was told by this specialist she no longer needed the operation. That same problem has never returned.

Several years ago one of my relatives who was in her 80s, was diagnosed with end stage renal failure with less than 10% of her kidneys still working. It was no longer possible for her to get a transplant or receive dialysis because of other major health implications. When I began giving her distant healings she was already completely bedridden. Within less than two weeks she was fully mobile again. I was privileged to give her quality of life during that period. Much to the shock and amazement of those around her she was able to walk and travel and visit family until a few days before her transition 12 weeks later.”


Mia did a session that focused on the back of the neck. I didn’t think much about it until days after the session, when we had a clean up after Hurricane Mathew. It involved pending and picking up twigs etc. I also weeded a bed.
I previously had to stop as the back of the neck would always be hurting. I did all the work and then more. Back of head fine, no problems at all after any of the yard work. Thanks Mia.
Blessings and deep gratitude.

-Pauline K. US


I received a distant healing from Mia after my tonsillitis had still not improved when I was halfway through my second course of antibiotics.

I had already been in bed for 7 days due to lack of energy and was unable to eat due to extreme pain in my throat.

After only one brief distant healing with Mia, my symptoms immediately eased, whereby I was able to get up within a few hours and was able to eat solid food for the first time in a week.

I was able to go back to work within 3 days.

Two years later I was diagnosed with a cyst on my ovary which was not going away even while on medication. I received Mia’s help with the pain. The pain went away almost immediately after the healings occurred. Several weeks later my doctor did more tests and the cyst had completely disappeared. The doctor was surprised it had totally disappeared.
-Brittany D.W. – Brisbane, Australia


I had laser surgery for diabetic retinopathy in my left eye in December 2009. It did not stop the bleeding—instead it caused permanent scarring and flashing in my eye! In September 2011 after several very intense healing sessions with Mia my eye has stopped bleeding.

I have had diabetes type 1 for many years and at times I could no longer bring down my levels with just insulin alone. I called Mia with my readings at around 20 mmols and not being able to bring it down with insulin, and after a 3 hour session, my BSL was back within the normal range. I can now manage my diabetes and with less insulin than before the healings.

I was also given help with both ketoacidosis, with apparently only 4 hours to live, as well as a blood clot in my left arm. I have, on many separate occasions, had bad family situations just suddenly change for the better after a session. I highly recommend Mia’s healings to anyone who requires physical or emotional healing, or for those seeking an upgrade to a better version of themselves.

Thank you so much Mia and Spirit, I certainly have a lot to be appreciative for.
-Amanda T. – Wynnum, Australia

About Mia Den Haan:

Mia has been an energy worker for more than 30 years, initially offering hands-on healing.
After a major “awakening” in 2000, Mia’s healing work began evolving, whereby in 2002, she was given this special healing method, called Your Divine Soul Essence™, through her ability to channel Spirit. This method is currently still the main modality in her healing practice.
Mia has spent many thousands of hours in one-on-one sessions, offering her spiritual services to clients in more than 40 countries.
With her gift, Mia has helped many of all ages, including medical practitioners, lawyers, businessmen and women, scientists, film stars, healers, alternative healing practitioners, and individuals including young children.
As a spiritual healer and channel for Spirit, Mia receives information directly from your soul’s highest level of wisdom. She can receive guidance for any issues, personal or family matters, or business. She receives information about your body, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes, karmic issues, or your genetic lineage.
The miracle healings, including those of a physical nature, that people have received were all done through distant healings. Her autism healings were documented in two books, one authored by the mother of one of her severely disabled and autistic young clients.
Mia has, from time to time, received prophecies, such as ones about future weather and planetary changes that are now happening, which were documented in an earlier published book she authored.
Mia is also a certified Life and Business Coach, with many years of practical business experience as a business owner and employer since 1990. Her spiritual gifts have also been used in business dynamics, such as with workplace bullying, management, burnout, and a variety of interpersonal, staff, and management-related issues.