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During these one on one sessions Mia will receive guidance for your concerns, problems or stresses.
Based on this guidance, your soul, with Mia’s help and with the help of spirit will clear your core beliefs or dysfunctional states that are preventing your desired outcome to manifest.

This healing can be given to all ages including babies. However for children under 18 it can only be given with permission of the legal guardian of a child.

All this work is done distant by phone or Skype. This is equally as effective as a session in person.
Mia will be prepared or attuned before the call so that the healing work can start immediately.

Healing can also be made available on a continuous basis. You can be given extra healing energy when your are recovering from any illness or operation and would need the additional support.
In that case communication can be via email.
However, these healing are never a substitute for any advice or prescription by your doctor or specialist.

After your payment has been received we will arrange a time for your session which will be confirmed via email. Usually a session van be booked within a week. In special situations such as an emergency we can offer a session or healing sooner, but best to email first for availability.

If you have already had a session before, you will be offered subsequent sessions and bundles of sessions at a discounted price.

Feel free to sent me an email if you have lost the details for my special offer page.

1 Personal Session of 35 minutes with Mia- US$270  Buy Now mia den haan.com

1 Personal Session of 1 Hour with Mia – US$400  Buy Now mia den haan.com