All recordings work with higher guidance to allow a natural and gentle progressive shift to occur. This happens in your own divine timing, in alignment with what you need at any given time. Your Soul and Spirit will always automatically align you to your “next best version” of you.

Your Soul knows what you need and will always provide the right insight and support for your highest good.

When you start listening to each of these MP3s your Soul and your own innate wisdom will recognize your true intent and begin to release any unnecessary issues, blockages or patterns that may prevent success for your chosen topic.

Each of these products builds a new flow from within. This happens with help of Spirit to make it easy for you to create a shift in belief or attitude and to provide new insights.



Create more success in any chosen area of your life. Create more well-being and feel successful from within by allowing Spirit to heal areas in any given part of your life preventing your success.
With help of the Your Divine Soul Essence™ method of healing with Spirit you can now allow more successful outcomes to flow into all areas of your life.

Mia received this method from Spirit in 2002 through her ability to channel, and has helped many people all over the world in bringing more wellness back in all areas of their life.
The spiritual energy and channeled content in each module allows you and your Soul to shift rapidly from your existing state to a better, more successful state.

Each module looks at one of the many different ways your success can be blocked and each module hold its own unique clearings. These modules will clear deeper subconscious layers and beliefs such as fears of failure and success, fears of the unknown, fears of the future and resistance to change.
If you want more success in your life then each of these modules can assist you.
Each of these 9 modules includes an eBook or worksheet, which helps with focus in relation to the clearing process on the accompanying recording.


Your Soul knows who you are and can assist in bringing success in any chosen area of your life. It knows the overall direction of your life at any given point in time. It completely understands you and knows what is needed to heal the obstacles or misalignments to your success. It knows what you are able to clear at any given NOW moment.
With the help of Spirit and the channeled contents on the MP3s, blockages and misalignments to success will automatically begin to clear. This will all happen in a gentle way and in alignment with your present activities and situation.

The wisdom of your Soul and Spirit will do all the clearings for you, while you can continue with your normal day-to-day living.
This healing process called “Your Divine Soul Essence™ method of healing with Spirit” is unique and was given to Mia in 2002, after which her healings became more profound and she was able to perform more and more miracle healings. Mia has a multisensory awareness and can simultaneously provide healings in multiple dimensions with help of her clairvoyant and channeling ability and with help of spiritual guidance.

This Package has 15 MP3s and 9 EBooks
More than 10 hours of listening

Total Value $768
Discount of 87%

Special Offer $97


Clearings for Success and Failure Patterns and Beliefs

MP3 & EBOOK (Length 1 hour 4 min)

Value $99

This module helps with clearing patterns and beliefs of success and failure. It can be used for most situations where you feel you are not as successful as you would like to be.
Your Soul knows your purpose and knows why you incarnated. That purpose is unique for you.
The more you can become aligned with what you are meant to be, the more wellbeing and positive flows you will experience. This applies to most areas of life.

Every time you listen to this recording a new aspect of you can emerge, no matter how often you listen to it. No need to listen to the whole recording every time. As long as you listen to the first twenty minutes of the recording, you will receive the clearings and upgrades embedded in this MP3.

  • Clearings for patterns and beliefs around success and failure

  • Can improve inner wellbeing

  • Assist with creating positive flows or outcomes

  • Assist with creating positive flows or outcomes


Moving Forwards – Clearing beliefs and fears

MP3 & EBOOK (Length 1 hour 13 min)

Value $99

This module incorporates clearings for various blockages to your success.
When you wish to move forward it can often trigger patterns of fear or resistance. A variety of clearings have been incorporated in this module for issues regarding control or dominance and to clear fears, such as the fear of change and fear of the unknown, that may arise when you start to make improvements or changes in your life.

Also included are clearings for some of the midbrain patterns of resonance. Sometimes when people are in groups they can begin to resonate in the same frequency in the midbrain area. Listening to this module will prevent that.
Clearings have also been included for sensitivities to some of the dysfunctional communication patterns by others, such as loud or angry voices, or berating that may prevent you from moving forwards. No need to listen to the whole recording every time. As long as you can listen to the first twenty minutes of the recording, you will receive the clearings and upgrades embedded in this MP3.

  • Clears many different blockages or patterns to your success

  • Clears fears such as the fear of change and fear of the unknown

  • Helps prevent certain patterns of resonance that can happen between people in the midbrain area

  • Clears fears for certain types of communication by others, such as berating and loud or angry voices


Pathways and Blockages to Your Success

MP3 & EBOOK (Length 1 hour 42 min)

Value $99

This module will help you focus on those less obvious states and habits that can prevent your success from being created.
Such obstacles can, for example, be a pattern of procrastination or not knowing what to do next from manifesting more success in your life.
Once your Soul and Spirit know what your obstacle to success is after you have answered some of the questions in the accompanying eBook, you will begin to receive help from Spirit in whatever way is needed to help you move forwards.

No need to listen to the whole recording every time. As long as you can listen to the first twenty minutes of the recording, you will receive all the clearings and upgrades embedded in this MP3.

  • Clears various procrastination patterns

  • Helps find and release those less obvious states and habits that are preventing your success

  • Clears states and beliefs around not knowing what to do

  • Helps strengthen your resolve to move forwards


Purpose, Clarity, Intuition and Your Success

MP3 & EBOOK (Length 1 hour 35 min)

Value $99

In this module we will look at what your next best step could be based on your present circumstances, your desire and level of clarity.

Your next best step is always unique for your own life situation and based on your own desires.

While having clarity and your desire or intent around your goal are the main driving force behind your own creative endeavor for success, there are other factors that can influence the outcome.

From a Soul’s perspective, your own combined life experiences, including those of past lifetimes, are also taken into consideration when Spirit helps you with the best next step in the NOW moment.

No need to listen to the whole recording every time. As long as you can listen to the first twenty minutes of the recording, you will receive all the clearings and upgrades embedded in this MP3.

  • Helps with identifying your next best step

  • When moving forwards the clearing will always take your own accumulated life experience into consideration

  • Includes clearings for strengthening your desires

  • Builds on your strengths and supports intuitive wisdom


Your Uniqueness and Success

MP3 & EBOOK (Length 1 hour 20 min)

Value $99

We often block our own success because we have a belief structure that is not supporting us or contradicts what we want to achieve.

This can happen because we inherited beliefs from parents or family members or through our social connections.

In addition, we may have had karmic issues that were with us from the day we were born so we are often not aware that we have these karmic patterns.

This module has a process included to clear any other obstacles to success that were not addressed in any of the previous modules. While the previous modules addressed many of the common blockages to success, this module is about the remaining, individual blockages you may have.

No need to listen to the whole recording every time. As long as you can listen to the first twenty minutes of the recording, you will receive all the clearings and upgrades embedded in this MP3.

  • Helps identify and clear inherited beliefs that are preventing your success

  • Clears some more common beliefs from past lives preventing success

  • Clears some of the remaining fears unique to you that were not cleared in previous modules

  • Includes a method to help clear any resistance to move forward


Fears and Beliefs That Can Hold You Back

MP3 & EBOOK (Length 1 hour 42 min)

Value $99

This MP3 contains many clearings for fears and beliefs that can prevent success to manifest in a chosen area of your life.

The worksheet and the accompanying MP3 are part of a journey with Spirit to help you reach the best possible awareness of your Self and your ego blockages. Your Self is that part that you really are and that will always help you in living your life in a better way.

The questions in this worksheet will need to be answered before you listen to these clearings as that will help your Soul to clear your most predominant beliefs that are preventing you to create more success in your life.

These questions will also help to bring clarity in those aspects of the self that we can often not see, but we may still experience as fears or blockages.
We can block our success because of our (sometimes hidden) beliefs and states. Sometimes we can have contradictory beliefs that do not support us in reaching our goal.
Early childhood experiences or karmic patterns can also be part of the cause. We are all unique with our own set of unique circumstances.

  • Clears fears preventing success

  • Helps identify and clear beliefs and states preventing success

  • Improves your self-awareness around blockages to your success

  • Better alignment with more success with help of your soul


Success is a Journey

MP3 & EBOOK (Length 1 hour 32 min)

Value $99

To achieve success in any endeavour in life is a journey, whereby you step through whatever is blocking you from achieving success. Your journey towards success is unique for you.

One of the first steps in this journey is clarity, as without clarity it is very difficult to know what the next step is on your journey to success. The journey of success can be walked in a way that is balanced, whereby you can cope and feel happy rather than stressed or anxious about having to do new things or relinquish existing patterns or habits.

Your Soul can help you achieve such balance when you listen to this MP3.

On this MP3 we will look at the various ways you can bring about change in your life in relation to your chosen goal.

  • Helps attain clarity around your chosen goal

  • Reduces stress associated with change

  • Helps with a balanced approach as part of the journey

  • Helps with insight around how to make changes in a balanced way

BONUS – Item 8

Getting Over Your Relationships with
Assistance of your Divine Soul Essence™ and Spirit

8 MP3s & 2 EBOOKs (Length 35 min)

Value $75

Relationships are one of the main pillars of support in most people’s lives. When a significant relationship changes because of a breakup, death or sudden disappearance, this can have a deep and lasting effect.

The same can happen when an adult child leaves home, a parent needs to move into a nursing home or someone close to us changes their behavior, such as with dementia.

These clearings were specifically created to improve your coping skills. Each clearing has been infused with wisdom from spirit and clears different aspects to bring back wholeness. You will create more balance at all levels, such as between the mental and emotional, by clearing any thoughts, beliefs or emotions that no longer serve you. Your Divine Self will bring back a sense of inner oneness or wellbeing.

Each MP3 was created with your convenience foremost in mind and will be quick and easy. Each listening will not take more than 10 minutes to minimize interruption of your daily activities. You can continue your day after a listening, with no need to meditate. Your Divine Soul Essence™ and spirit will continue to clear your relationship stress for the next 4 hours. These clearings NEVER affect any of your activities. Your Soul Essence will take care of that.

Each clearing addresses different issues and takes your Soul’s purpose into consideration. Spirit and your Soul will help you in becoming more whole in an easy way. You will gently, in a natural way, start clearing issues and become more of Who You Are.

Some of the benefits these clearings offer:

  • Improved coping skills after changes in a relationship such as a breakup, death or sudden disappearance of a loved one

  • Release of associated painful states

  • Increased inner peace and well-being

  • Improved coping mechanism with related other loss issues such as with status, possessions and other material matters, which often happen after a breakup

  • Accepting a situation that can no longer be turned back

  • Clearings for states such as sadness, abandonment, feeling too vulnerable, anger, loneliness, loss, rejection, regret, emotional pain, helplessness and many other states.

This Package has 15 MP3s and 9 EBooks
More than 10 hours of listening

Total Value $768
Discount of 87%

Special Offer $97


“During the 1990s when I was still running my IT business, I began receiving guidance that I was no longer on purpose; however, initially I did not give it the attention it deserved. Thus I became gradually more and more stressed and only started to take more notice when I had a somewhat blurred vision in one eye. Ironically, I was denying my spiritual guidance and did not want to see the truth! Unbeknown to me my blood pressure was far too high (around 190-200). Resulting from that and other work-related stresses, my retina had started detaching, which could lead to blindness if not treated. As I only had weeks before I was scheduled for laser surgery, I decided to give it all and was able to reverse the high blood pressure and fixed the retina issue within weeks which the eye specialist later confirmed. Thus I avoided laser surgery. To this day my blood pressure has been within the normal range without ever needing any medication.

An elderly family member suffered from severe sciatic pains on one side of her body many years ago. By the time I found out she had already received many hours of physiotherapy as well as 15 injections. As nothing was helping she could barely speak from the pain when I phoned her from Australia. With her permission I started a very intensive daily distant healing process (she lives in the Netherlands) for about 5 days. After the 5 days she was pain free and that severe pain never returned. It turned out it was caused by a swelling or bulge around the spinal area called L4. Based on scans prior to giving her these healings, her specialist had decided she needed an operation. Spirit told me at the end of the 5 days healing that she no longer needed this operation. This was confirmed 3 months later, during a visit to the specialist who was going to perform her operation. This visit was already booked before I began the healings. She was told by this specialist she no longer needed the operation. That same problem has never returned.

Several years ago one of my relatives who was in her 80s, was diagnosed with end stage renal failure with less than 10% of her kidneys still working. It was no longer possible for her to get a transplant or receive dialysis because of other major health implications. When I began giving her distant healings she was already completely bedridden. Within less than two weeks she was fully mobile again. I was privileged to give her quality of life during that period. Much to the shock and amazement of those around her she was able to walk and travel and visit family until a few days before her transition 12 weeks later.”