My name is Mia. I have been helping people true connecting with your soul and spirit for more than 18 years.
I was born with the ability to channel information from higher realms and use my gift to hear directly from your soul and its wisdom what needs clearing, and then with the help of spirit and your soul clear the relevant issues.

I love what I do and I’ve done more than 7000 remote healing sessions working with clients in over 40 countries. My clients come from all backgrounds and ages: including medical practitioners, lawyers, businessmen and women, scientists, film stars, healers, alternative healing practitioners, and young children.

I have been interviewed by the media and tele-summits such as You Wealth Revolution, Loving Food Loving Life, From Heartache to Joy and many others. You can listen to some of these interviews HERE 

Kerie Logan wrote about me in her book “Affirming and Focusing on Living a Better Life because of the miraculous healing of Kerie’s son of autism and his much-improved mobility issues caused by cerebral palsy.

The Journey as a Healer

Throughout my life, I had many experiences to increase my own understanding of the soul. It taught me about life and death through the eyes of the soul and often about the nature of reality, about the fact that we have a soul, that life is eternal, and also about how to use my gifts.
In the early 1980s, I found myself praying a lot after a marriage breakdown, which happened not long after emigrating from the Netherlands to Australia. My clairs immediately began to improve and I also began receiving teachings from the spiritual planes including so-called enlightenment experiences.

In 1990, after starting my own successful software company these spiritual experiences continued. During those years I used all my spare time to also trained in modalities involving the physical body such as Feldenkrais, Touch for Health, Bowen Technique, Kinesiology,  Reiki, Seichim, Zenna, Reconnective Healing, and several flower and shell essence ranges.
In 2000 I used my healing gift to heal very high blood pressure and a semi-detached retina that I needed surgery for and I no longer needed medical attention or surgery. After experiencing first hand how powerful my gift was, I decided it was time to become a full-time healer.

Then in 2002, while in a semi-trance, Spirit gave me a special healing method, called Your Divine Soul Essence™. This process is embedded in all of my products. I enter a “conscious trance” that enables me to connect with your spirit and soul through my products, personal sessions and group calls. When hearing my voice your soul receives the guidance it needs to heal itself.

Special Gifts and Expertise


With 40+ years corporate business experience in a variety of workplace environments plus my connection to your soul and spirit, I can provide additional insight for your business, and any other business related issues.
As both a business owner and employer, I can assist you with many of the workplace challenges including those involving people.
With the help of spirit, I can find resolutions and can offer healings for any kind of workplace situation including conflicts such as workplace bullying, meeting deadlines, burn out and most staff employment issues.
I have also helped many people with their career objectives, finding their true calling or improve their performance in the workplace.

Developing Your Gifts

I can find out what your own innate unique spiritual abilities and gifts are such as intuition, any of your clairs or any other creative gifts such as painting and help you develop this gift with help of the guidance I receive.

Help With Any Personal Issues

We can work together on your personal issues, health and well-being,  stress release including PTSD, and career development.
I receive all guidance directly from spirit for any aspect of your life to help you gain clarity and connect you with your inner wisdom and True Self.

Support for Mental Health Issues

With many years of experience with people with mental health issues and as a carer, I have supported people with Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Psychosis, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This let to further training for various other mental health-related issues, such as phone counseling, suicide prevention, how to communicate with mental health sufferers, loss/grief, boundary setting and support for mental health carers.
My own experience as a carer made me aware of the many difficulties, severe stresses and overload a carer can encounter.

Support for Children with Autism

I have worked with hundreds of children who were diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum.

These children had benefits in various ways depending on their own circumstances, such as age and how many sessions they would receive.

You can read about two of my clients who fully recovered and are now able to speak and enjoy their lives.


I sometimes receive premonitions for my business and personal life and also at times about planetary events.

During 2004 I began receiving more and more predictions about the planet’s future. This included planetary changes such as earthquakes and coming weather imbalances.

This was published in articles and in the book “New Concepts for Business and Humanity.”
As a result, the Swedish Education Department used one of my channeled articles in their 2012 English high school exam. In Sweden English is a mandatory subject for all high school Thus every Swedish high school student who finished that year read and translated this channeled article about the climate.