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Nature of Your Soul

The soul resides simultaneously in many different dimensions.

Nature of Your Soul2019-02-14T01:37:08+00:00

Soul and Birth

The Soul merges with the unborn child before and around the time of birth.

Soul and Birth2017-10-26T01:06:54+00:00

Your Soul’s Journey

From your soul's perspective, everyone walks their own unique journey.

Your Soul’s Journey2019-02-14T01:42:50+00:00

Spirit and Healing the Soul

Spirit is the source of all life. Without Spirit, you cannot exist in human form.

Spirit and Healing the Soul2017-10-26T01:19:39+00:00

Soul and Transition

Death is a transition. The Soul leaves the body for nonphysical realities.

Soul and Transition2019-02-14T01:49:23+00:00

Spirit Knows but How Can I Know?

Spirit knows what you came here to do and can give you Insights.

Spirit Knows but How Can I Know?2019-02-14T01:51:06+00:00