Each month Mia offers two powerful and transformational live group calls to help support you in different aspects of your life. Included is also a 50% discount for all MP3s in the store and access to the archives of previous calls.

Both calls, a 2-hour call with a worksheet and a 90-minute call, contain many clearings and soul alignments.

 Each call helps you to become more aligned to your True Self, includes spiritual guidance and can be listened to many times. Each time you listen a different upgrade happens based upon your own intent.

Downloadable replays are provided for each call. Listening to the replays is equally as effective as attending a live call as all clearings are energetically embedded in the call.

Each month you receive a different worksheet to help you get the most out of each call. These worksheets do not have to be used, however, they contain self-enquiry type questions specifically channeled each month to help quicken the clearing processes.

As each call works with your divine intent, there is no need to submit your details. Your guides will know your main impediments and automatically clear all that needs clearing when in Mia's energy.

You will also get the opportunity to ask Mia questions during each call. Mia can work simultaneously on clearings for the whole group while at the same time also providing answers and healing for individual questions, thus providing maximum time to ask and answer your questions.



You will also receive a discount coupon for 50% of all MP3s in the store.


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Sunday, June 14 - New Consciousness Out of Disharmony

Shifts in consciousness and society can sometimes begin in unforeseen ways as is currently happening everywhere.
In some regions, this is acting itself out stronger than in other regions.
Since early 2020 many had their beliefs shaken to the core.
The pandemic created many concerns about health and also (for some) economic concerns.
New concerns are currently emerging in this election year for the US, such as with the riots and have triggered a whole new layer of (un)consciousness and fears.

However, being in a constant state of concern or worry is not beneficial to anyone. Therefore, the main intent of this call is your peace.
This call will offer clearings to help everyone move away from the most prevalent fears that are currently triggered and to assist in creating a more peaceful version of you.

You will be able to ask questions beforehand and also during the call. These calls are held every 2nd Sunday of every month at 6 pm except for public holidays and special celebrations. 

Sunday, June 21 - New And Peaceful You

This call addresses some of the negative beliefs currently running rampant on the planet such as about the economy, share market, unemployment, health, and safety.
During this call, we will also go deeper into some of the abundance principles as taught in my course.
The power is always within you. It can manifest by right thought and right action and Divine timing.
These principles are widely known.

However, the consciousness of us all is closely interrelated so “negative beliefs” others are holding can sometimes go deep into your subconsciousness while they are not yours.
This can happen with very negative people in your surroundings. You can sometimes even absorb such beliefs in your sleep if someone you are close with lies awake during the night with negative thoughts.
During this call, there will be as many clearings as possible for these unwelcoming beliefs.

You will be able to ask questions beforehand and also during the call. These calls are held every 3rd Sunday of every month at 6 pm ET except for public holidays and special celebrations.


Some topics of past calls. These calls can still be purchased as part of your membership:

- Clearings for Financial Blocks
- Emotional Clearings for Intimate Relationships
- Healing Self Worth or lack of it
- Support for Empowerment
- Clearings and Clarity Career Improvement
- Clearings for Self Love
- Abundance versus Scarcity
- Business and Spirituality
- Clearings for Alignment with Your Soul
- Life Purpose
- Clearing Communication Issues
- Peace
- Hope and Fun
- Relationships in Society


- Love
- Environment and Changing Weather
- Clearing of Early Childhood Issues
- Love in Relationships
- Living Abundantly
- Success
- Flow Through Life or Struggle
- Overcoming of Fears
- Fears of Tall objects and Large Animals
- Releasing Stressful Daily Events
- Masculinity and Femininity
- Love, Soul, Spirit
- Economy and Your Future
- Duality versus Balance


Topics for Future Calls:

- Success in Business and Career
- Clearing Unconscious Blocks to Abundance
- Improving current states, habits, fears or beliefs
- Issues around health
- Improve focus or mental well-being
- Moving forwards clearing  being stuck
- Fears, Phobias and Anxiety
- Clarity with your chosen path
- Purpose in Life
- Relationships
- Embracing Happiness
- Well-being in all areas of living


- Clearings for fears such as for severe flooding, drought, storms, thunder and lightning etc.
- Fears around pending earthquakes or vulcanos
- Issues around education or education systems
- Oceans and excessive use of plastics and our health
- Breathing issues due to toxicity and allergens in the air
- Economy and fears of unemployment due to economic collapse
- Food chain and large scale farming in agriculture
- Social issues such as immigration and displacement of populations


Amanda1I had laser surgery for diabetic retinopathy in my left eye in December 2009. It did not stop the bleeding instead it caused permanent scarring and flashing in my eye! In September 2011 after several very intense healing sessions with Mia my eye has stopped bleeding. I have had diabetes type 1 for many years and at times I could no longer bring down my levels with just insulin alone. I called Mia with my readings at around 20 mmols and not being able to bring it down with insulin and after a 3 hour session, my BSL was back within the normal range. I can now manage my diabetes and with less insulin than before the healings. I was also given help with both ketoacidosis, with apparently only 4 hours to live, as well as a blood clot in my left arm. I have on many separate occasions had bad family situations just suddenly change for the better after a session. I highly recommend Mia’s healings to anyone who requires physical or emotional healing, or for those seeking an upgrade to a better version of themselves. Thank you so much Mia and Spirit, I certainly have a lot to be appreciative for. Amanda T. – Wynnum Australia

SCARCITY ISSUE AND COLD I had my personal issues of scarcity addressed on the live group call . I had a cold and felt run down as well and when I posted this in the chat box, Mia addressed this and informed me that I had to stop all energy work for 24hours to get some rest. Although issues addressed were for the group , I also got individual clearings in a group setting which I found priceless. The group calls were powerful Reenee  Trinidad and Tobago  


Brit1I received a distant healing from Mia after my tonsillitis had still not improved when I was halfway through my second course of antibiotics. I had already been in bed for 7 days due to lack of energy and was unable to eat due to extreme pain in my throat. After only one brief distant healing with Mia, my symptoms immediately eased whereby I was able to get up within a few hours and was able to eat solid food for the first time in a week and I was able to go back to work within 3 days. Two years later I was diagnosed with a cyst on my ovary which was not going away even while on medication. I received Mia’s help with the pain. The pain went away almost immediately after the healings occurred. Several weeks later my doctor did more tests and the cyst had completely disappeared. The doctor was surprised it had totally disappeared. Brittany DW. – Brisbane Australia

US MOVING HOME & CLEARING FEARS Mia den Haan group calls are powerful and have helped me to move to a new home, clear fears, and connect more fully with my soul. Love how Mia takes common threads and works with the group to clear and update them. She works with source energy and has high integrity. Mia den Haan has amazing abilities that connect to the heart/soul of the matter, she sees and has the ability to help us heal in multiple dimensions. How cool is that!?  Kelly from California

What a wonderful Group call! This was the best call I ever participated in, with so much wisdom (delicious food for my soul) and deep inestimable teaching besides all those precious clearings. Thank you so so much.



You will also receive a discount coupon for 50% of all MP3s in the store.


You can unsubscribe anytime

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You will also receive a discount coupon for 50% of all MP3s in the store.


You can unsubscribe anytime

I have listened to a lot of calls and bought many packages but yours is so unique and powerful that I feel the need to tell you. You are the real thing. You cover a dimension that as yet has been untouched and I will say that whatever you have said rings true. You give me goose bumps on my arms which is when I know things are real and true. Thank you for all that you do for humanity.  

J... Florida

I have participated in quite a few group sessions with healers from the telesummits but none can compare to the benefits I have received from Mia's sessions. With Spirit guiding the way, she has the ability to tune into and clear out core issues of the group. Mia's gifts are exceptional….above and beyond anything I have ever experienced. She's the real deal and I am grateful to have found her!  



Although I have more clearing to go, I have cleared / eliminated a multi-year addiction / toxic relationship and i have cleared and become very aware of some past ancestral fears. I have cleared my doubts of moving into a new position, and I no longer feel stuck in my past doubtful areas. I am more aligned to my higher soul using the awesome clearings in your program.


Your group clearing calls are phenomenal!  Truly the gift to one's self that keeps on giving!  Not only does energy start moving and your soul starts to align, but as you listen to the replay, you also "discover" more each time you listen!  Amazing! Michele

Thanks Mia for the free call.  Very interesting. Just letting you know the one and one call.  About my blood pressure.  It dropped when you said it would. I am not surprised.  I have had pains go away just my listening to your free calls. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Eunice G.