Each of these calls contain spiritual energy. Some of the live clearings during these interviews are known to also have helped listeners with similar issues.

Eram Saeed from the telesummit From Heartache to Joy Interviewing Mia - Topic: Experiencing More Love in All Areas of Your Life

Moncef Afkir from the telesummit   Your Divine Uniqueness Interviewing Mia - Topic: Aligning With A Natural Flow of Your Inner Source

"I have participated in quite a few group sessions with healers from the telesummits but none can compare to the benefits I have received from Mia's sessions. With Spirit guiding the way, she has the ability to tune into and clear out core issues of the group. Mia's gifts are exceptional….above and beyond anything I have ever experienced. She's the real deal and I am grateful to have found her!" M.S   NJ, USA

"Very powerful group sessions. Mia’s work is intense as she works with the callers and pinpoints various issues. Her honesty and integrity draws you in as you relate to the groups and/or individuals particular needs. Not to mention her soothing voice and ability to get right to the root of the issue and information from your soul. Truly gifted!
Even though I was only able to participate in one live call and listen later to the other replays I felt part of the group with healing energy traveling through my body. Being overwhelmed and working through trauma/ betrayal--there was a calming and peacefulness with her work and emotional release. Looking forward to continued clearing and being able to work 1-1.
Almost forget to mention how amazing and relatable her own stories of her past are (struggles & success) and how they hit home! " Cheryl

"I had my personal issues of scarcity addressed on the live group call .I had a cold and felt run down as well and when I posted this in the chat box, Mia addressed this and informed me that I had to stop all energy work for 24hours to get some rest. Although issues addressed were for the group , I also got individual clearings in a group setting which I found priceless. The group calls were powerful " Reenee  Trinidad and Tobago

"Mia den Haan group calls are powerful and have helped me to move to a new home, clear fears, and connect more fully with my soul. Love how Mia takes common threads and works with the group to clear and update them. She works with source energy and has high integrity.
Mia den Haan has amazing abilities that connect to the heart/soul of the matter, she sees and has the ability to help us heal in multiple dimensions. How cool is that!?"  Kelly from California