For me, Course 1 – Aligning your Soul, Mind, and Spirit – is a natural continuation to working with Mia one-on-one and with her monthly group calls. The course has been an important milestone in setting a very sound foundation (and scaffolding) for my soul growth and empowerment. Following Spirit’s guidance, Mia gets to the core of one’s soul learning.

My mind has lessened its grip. I am much less reactive emotionally. There is much more resiliency, power, and stamina in dealing with life’s practicalities and necessities. My spiritual awareness and stamina have deepened considerably. It feels like my horizons have been expanded 360 degrees. I look forward to continuing with her courses!

~Celine, BC, Canada


In Autumn 2018 I participated in Mia’s course “Aligning your Soul, Mind and Spirit”. It provided a lot of knowledge and insight into how to align with spirit. The combination of the course content and the healing work Mia did on the calls and the remote healings that followed the calls, gave me a shift both emotionally and in the way I think.
I got more clarity on what my main blocks are to getting to the next level of creating with spirit. Mia also gave me one on one clearings on the calls that helped a lot.
The Course included assignments with an audio clearing download, that works very well on the blocks one wants to release.

I have participated in Mia’s monthly calls for more than a year and also felt the benefits, but with this course, everything got to a whole new level and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to connect more with Spirit.

~Rachel Norway.


Working with Mia on her course has been a blessing and an honor. To discover someone who has a natural gift for Spiritual healing and can teach from a depth of vast experience and teaches Truth is a rare find. Someone who works with integrity and skill and you know your in good hands.

You know when you are told your calls will be followed by 3 days of healing, that this isn’t some cookie cutter, potluck healing but individual for each one in the group, she truly cares that everyone shifts to the next best version of themselves.
The course its self is well laid out easy to navigate through, informative and life-changing.

It has brought me personally more calm and more stability, grounding. I found myself changing in response to my outer environment. So glad I had the opportunity to participate, Thank you, Mia!

~H.L. Ireland


I’m so grateful to Mia. I may not have signed up for this course had my guides not been very loud and direct with me and as soon as I followed their directives, unexpected money even came out of seemingly nowhere. My original goals for signing up were to get help with my frittering anxiety, my need to be liked, depression, waking up every day in dread, releasing perfectionism, and how to pull my way out of a decade-long slump. What I got was all of this and so much more than I could have anticipated.

Mia’s healing flows often knocked me out (of the way), but I felt deep shifts and my intuition/knowing came in with scalpel-like clarity immediately. I came away knowing I possessed a deep sense of grounded okayness, a calm inspiration to pursue my dreams, a clearer connection to spirit, and today I jump out of bed excited about what the day will bring, known and unknown.

I’ve also suffered from writers-block for several years. I’m now writing every day and producing in a bliss of flow. As a new business owner, I’m attracting a hefty flow of amazing clients and even when being placed in some challenging situations, I now enter the negotiation eager to find and co-create a solution. Pre-course me would try too hard, wring my hands, give too much, exhaust myself, and sabotage any true opportunity with my insecurity. The post-course me feels aligned, safe and loved. I’m creating miracles that I could have never believed possible.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get on their life path and cannot figure out how to go about it. I promise you, not achieving your dreams probably has a lot to do with not having your soul, mind, and spirit aligned. I am so humbly grateful to Mia for creating and offering this course and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

~KT – N Hollywood


Testimonial for “Aligning your Soul, Mind and Spirit” and “Soul and Your Divine Inheritance”. I have participated in Mia’s monthly calls for years – and with great benefits.
These courses, however, are even more in-depth. So, in my opinion, this is a great opportunity to take spiritual growth to another level –
especially for anybody who is already enrolled in the monthly calls.
The clearings during and after the group calls address very deep-seated issues.

What I have noticed during and after both courses in everyday life is:

• Improved intuition and life flowing more harmoniously
• Feeling more closely connected to my Soul
• Many triggers in relationships and other areas dissolved
• More resilience in general
• Feeling more supported by higher “planes” and my prayers seem more effective
• Increased self-empowerment
• Work issues seemed to resolve more naturally and automatically
• Goals for which I used the accompanying MP3s were much more easily attained
• After completing the second course “Soul and Your Divine Inheritance” I finally had the courage to face a long-standing issue

I would strongly recommend anybody who participates in these course to use the accompanying MP3s as suggested and do the assignments since they keep the momentum going and are a great help for any obstacle that might show up. I certainly will continue using them after the course.

~Ursula, Germany


I would highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to transcend emotional issues and get more in touch with your true nature.

Mia has a very unique way of being able to go straight to the heart of an issue and gently guide you to a better, more peaceful way of being.
She works with the highest level of integrity for the betterment of everyone participating in the course. I have personally felt more confident and more positive about my life as a direct result of this course.

In addition, it has helped me to trust my intuition more and receive greater levels of inner guidance, in all areas of my life.
The material was very easily accessed through the online portal and the content is something I refer back to regularly to address new issues.

I am very happy I decided to sign up for the course and hope I can go on to complete the other courses in the series. I am also looking forward to being able to put what I learn to good use in the future. Thank you Mia, for the wonderful work you do!

~Emily, UK


My experience in Mia’s course Aligning Your Soul, Mind, and Spirit has been a journey of growth and enlightenment.

My understanding of energy, the universe, and its structure has broadened. I have gained more clarity in my work and for myself.
I have more confidence in my intuition and guidance. I am becoming more self-empowered to be my true self.

I took Mia’s course to get more in touch with my intuition and reconnect to my personal power so that I could get out of a stuck pattern of not taking action and to move forward in my life.  I had lost myself through a divorce and the death of close family members. I had fallen into a very dysfunctional controlling relationship I couldn’t seem to free myself of. I was hoping to get better clarity and get unstuck and move my life going in a better direction.  I have worked three years towards these goals and I felt like I was taking baby steps. I have been so frustrated with myself, and my seeming lack of motivation.  I was surrounded by clutter that was a symptom of my hiding from it all. 

With Mia’s crystal clear laser-sharp knowing, she saw the root of my troubles was not anything I was blaming them on and patiently cleared the way for me to take my power back.  There have been so many blind spots that I never would have seen or worked through alone. There was such a depth of my wounding around men and all my subconscious fears and beliefs that were running my life and keeping me stuck in negative patterns – I was just numb to it all.  In my mind, I thought I was strong and independent.  I had lost that person and had become a compliant slave.

I had been working with Mia on this for a few years, her two courses gave me the concentrated push of energy to move past much of the stuckness.  I am now on a better path free of dysfunction around men and control and getting back to myself.  I do have more clarity and intuition.  I can feel the gratitude in my being now, not just in my head. My life is flowing better, more good things are coming to me, ideas, positive people, more money.  This had been such a blessing.  I recommend Mia and any of her offerings if you are willing to change.  She definitely will hold the space for you to manifest your intentions. 

~Anne B. Rochester US


Mia, I am so grateful to you for offering your advanced course work.
I had high expectations and both courses have far exceeded those expectations. My growth has been exponential, and I am amazed at my sense of inner peace.
I feel like I am coming home to myself at a deep level.
Who I truly am is radiating out of me in a palpable way and I’m starting to embrace the idea that I came here to make a significant difference in the world. Wow! Thank you!!

~Carol F. US


This course has been an amazing experience. So many insights. So many upgrades and clearings – and I’ve just begun to realize the depth of my healing.
For me, one of the most noticeable benefits has been increased clarity around both what I truly want and what my true intentions are.
With this, I have almost magically gained the courage to initiate and commit to several huge changes in my life with – and this is the best part – very little fear of the future.

Thank you, Mia. You facilitate my growth and my journey in so many ways with every call and session.
With much love and deep gratitude,

~Mille Yardley, PA


Mia’s course Aligning Your Soul, Mind and Spirit has helped me tremendously.
The worksheets helped me to focus specifically on what the issues were, and then her calls and remote healings did the work.
I had been feeling like I wanted a change in my life but not knowing what.
Her clearings opened up a potential advancement at the company I work for that was brought to me by my boss, without me having to do anything.
I have bought dozens and dozens of packages from different healers hoping to find that something we all are searching for.
With Mia, I have found it. I feel like the course has balanced me and made me stronger. 

Cheryll B. US


I really enjoyed Mia’s Course “Aligning Your Soul, Mind, and Spirit and found that in general, I have the feeling that my higher Self is more integrated and that this is the reason that more energy is flowing into my chakras.

I experience more grounding and that also generates a sense of security and peace around me.
I have also noticed that I tap more into the flow of true happiness, regardless of what happens around me. I still prefer ‘good things and tidings’ but I am able to regain my balance much faster when life seems difficult or boring.

It is easier for me to step more into my personal power by connecting with the cosmic power and in this way, I seem to support and benefit others in a very different way and no longer by ‘controlling’ with the ego.
I am noticing that I am better able to align each day with Source and am therefore able to express more of the activated heart energy. I feel more compassion and less pity.
I feel my purpose more, can give more voice to my role in life. And celebrates more everyone’s uniqueness; we all are like voices in a choir.
By nourishing a connection to my essential self, I feel that my wisdom flows more like water flowing down a hill. I no longer need to think a lot when I am working. My true wisdom is now much better seeing what needs to be done and then acting on inner knowing. I feel I have a little more expanded consciousness, feel more Light within.

~Anne V. Holland