None of the healers Marcia consulted nor other modalities had been able to help Marcia.

It was not until she began Mia’s healings that this began to

Marcia S. NJ US



I had diabetic retinopathy in my left eye. I was advised by my eye specialist to have the laser surgery for diabetic retinopathy, which I agreed to back in December 2009. However, all the laser surgery for the diabetic retinopathy did was cause permanent scaring and flashing in my eye. It did not stop the bleeding! In September 2011 I asked Mia for help. After several very intense healing sessions my eye has stopped bleeding.
I have had stress related diabetes type 1 for the past 27 years and at times when my stress levels get too high I can no longer bring down my levels with just insulin alone. I called Mia with my readings at around 20 mmols from the day before and after a 3 hour session, of mostly stress release, my BSL was back within the normal range. While I still need to take insulin daily I can now manage my diabetes and need less insulin than before the healings.
I also, on a separate occasion, had blood in the urine totally disappear after a session. This was after the pain and blood had been present for approximately 3 days before. I was also given help with both ketoacidosis, with apparently only 4 hours to live, as well as a blood clot in my left arm. At the time I remember feeling unusually relaxed considering my circumstances.
I have on many separate occasions had bad family situations just suddenly change for the better after a session.
I highly recommend Mia’s healings to anyone who requires physical or emotional healing, or for those seeking an upgrade to a better version of themselves. Thank you so much Mia and Spirit, I certainly have a lot to be appreciative for.

Amanda T. – Wynnum Australia


Lauren had exhausted all her options to clear aftermath from a severe head injury and could no longer work. After several distant healings she is now full-time back at work.

Lauren G. Toronto Canada


Healings for Kayla as the main caretaker for her husband who suffers from Lewy Body Dementia. Also healings for husband to make it more bearable.

Kayla D. US


I found the healing experiences with Mia excellent and noticed marked improvements particularly with my walking. Because of the MS I needed a walking aid before I started Mia’s healings. After several of her healings I can now walk virtually unaided.

Thanks to the channeled information Mia received through her guidance I was also able to get a lot more insights about many of the core issues behind my Multiple Sclerosis.

Because of these news insights I can now cope much better.

I am still able to volunteer my time several days a week and I can still help many families or people in need. Also some of Mia’s spiritual tools have provided additional help.

Gea S. – Enschede Netherlands


Thank you for an incredible session today! From the moment I hung up the phone with you, I felt this massive wave of giddiness flood over me and a huge rush of energy filled my body.
I started laughing so hard, and even crying a little, but I was mostly laughing for a solid half hour! I had so much energy releasing from my body that I was running, dancing, jumping and literally leaping through my house, woo hoo’ing like I had just won the lottery.
It was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. I felt so light and free, like nothing I have ever felt before. It honestly felt like a dream. I felt like I was in a brand new body! It was an absolutely amazing experience, I could not wait until the next time we spoke to share, I had to tell you now.

What a relief to release a lifetime of fears that have been holding me back in myriad ways. It will be so interesting to see what new changes take place over the next few weeks and months.

I feel quite tired now and I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep, but I will remember this day forever. You are truly a gift!

Thank you so, so much! Woo hoo!

Alicia US

In this interview below Audrey talks to Eram Saeed how Mia’s healings have helped her overcome grief and a painful wrist.

Audrey G.


When you work with Mia it’s all about you.
Mia sees beneath the surface to events and feelings you may have long forgotten.
When Mia talks about something it’s always a key to solve a problem for you. Mia is exceptionally gifted, gentle and extremely generous. Her insights are laser sharp. Her clearings are often immediate … They continue over time … They are deeply healing.

I came to Mia with tremendous grief, overwhelming exhaustion, and a sudden, debilitating arthritis in one hand. After feeling powerful energy shifts by using Mia’s clearing mp3s and participating in her group calls, I signed up for her 15 days of intensive healing. As a result, I feel much lighter. In fact a colleague recently commented that I seem much lighter to her!
I have a reserve of energy now and my hand feels almost brand new! I use Mia’s clearing mp3s whenever needed. I realize working through grief is a process, and Mia’s mp3s keep taking me to the next level.

Your healing of my left hand saved me quite a lot of money in that the occupational therapy was so expensive I had discontinued going. It was my plan to continue with it at a later date, with the knowledge that I might need surgery. The very knowledgeable therapist taught me ways to live with my hand’s dysfunction. However, working with you restored function by, I’d say, 95 percent … and virtually eliminated the pain. Although I’m still careful with my left hand, for the most part it’s back to normal.
Mia is so special to me … just hearing her voice brings deep comfort and healing!

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Mia!

Audrey G.


I received a distant healing from Mia after my tonsillitis had still not improved when I was halfway through my second course of antibiotics.
I had already been in bed for 7 days due to lack of energy and was unable to eat due to extreme pain in my throat.
After only one brief distant healing with Mia, my symptoms immediately eased whereby I was able to get up within a few hours and was able to eat solid food for the first time in a week.
I was able to go back to work within 3 days.

Two years later I was diagnosed with a cyst on my ovary which was not going away even while on medication. I received Mia’s help with the pain.
The pain went away almost immediately after the healings occurred. Several weeks later my doctor did more tests and the cyst had completely disappeared. The doctor was surprised it had totally disappeared.

Brittany DW. – Brisbane Australia



I have had a lot of reading in my life.  Past lives-energy work etc.  I know I am in a different place because of them.

Mia for me is #1.  I give her the symptons and she does her thing.  It has worked out great for me.   It has eliminated pain that I have had for a long time and my blood pressure is now in acceptable range (It has been at times 195/80 and medication did not improve it that much.  Craving for chocolate-after clearing for chocolate.  I tried to eat some-glad I had taken only a few chips out of the bag. Seems I have lost my taste for them.   Before I could eat them by the hand full.  WOW

I think the greatest think that has come out of her work for me, is that my knowingness (intuition) has improved so much and the peacefulness.  Things do not push my button like they use to.

Thank you

Eunice G 


I have an extremely stressful job and this also places pressures on my family life. Furthermore I was informed that I would be transferred to an operational position within my job causing severe stress, affecting myself and family.
I was unable to cope, sleep and seriously considered resigning. Consequently through the help of Spirit, I eventually became comfortable with my transfer and soon after started working in the operational field, which I have excelled in and am in a permanent operational position. My zest for life, family and work has improved significantly and this is thanks to Spirit.
On another occasion I was at the supermarket when I felt intense pain in my chest. This lasted for about an hour and became stronger and it felt like I was having a heart attack – at age 45 this was quite a concern. I returned home and told my wife who immediately called “000’’, the emergency number in Australia. The ambulance arrived and immediately provided medical treatment and I was diagnosed with a suspected heart attack as they picked up a weakness in the heart muscle.
I was given spray, injections and placed on a drip and monitored. On the way to the hospital I became very ill and my heart rate dropped to 20. The intensive care paramedics were called and attended whereby my heart rate was slowly restored; however I was very ill and had significant pain in my chest/heart. During this time I was unaware that Mia and Spirit were also working on me. At the hospital I underwent many tests to ascertain what had occurred and more importantly if my heart had been damaged. That same night at the hospital my pain had gone and I felt healthy and well. I wanted to go home, however I had to undergo at least 2 days testing to ensure I had recovered and ensure there wasn’t any permanent damage to my heart.Well the doctors told me I had no damage to my heart and was fit and well and were amazed at my immediate recovery. I was subsequently diagnosed with Pericardiatis which is a flu which attacks the heart and causes significant pain.
More amazingly I didn’t require any medication to treat the flu which attacked my heart or any pain killers. I was later advised by my wife that after she called ‘000’ she immediately rang Mia and asked for a healing. This healing took place somewhere between leaving my house in an ambulance with 8 out of 10 chest pains, to arriving at hospital with no pain at all. Mia either saved my life or saved me from permanent heart damage and many, many months of recovery. Thank you Mia and Spirit.

Mark T. – Brisbane Australia


I bought Mia’s package “Your Divine Soul Essence” MP3. When I was feeling stress from the lack of sleep, due to the Night terror I was experiencing for about three years. A problem that I used you experience in my early childhood, has somehow resurface. I was having problems staying awake during the day. I try everything thing I could think off to stop these night terror. I also bought a lot of healer’s packages. They had worked for other areas in my life, but the Night terror still would come off and on.

I bought Mia’s package and the first time I listen to the mp3 track from your Divine Soul Essence. I finally had a good night sleep. As time went on, I began to sleep more peaceful throughout the night and wake up feeling alert, focus and energized. I for the last three months, I resume to my early morning 6 miles run in the park. I continue to use the package to go deeper to clearing any issues that surface out of the blue. Mia’s ” Your Divine Soul Essence” Cleared and healed the issue that was causing the Night terror to resurface. Thank you Mia.

Chairma Fenelon



Extract from the book “Affirming and Focusing on Living a Better Life” by Kerie Logan the mother of Mia’s young client Arlen, who had Autism and could barely speak and had severe mobility issues before he received Mia’s distant healings in 2012. At the time Arlen would walk a few feet and fall to his knees. He could not walk downstairs without someone holding his hand, and he could not jump or run. To my surprise and that of everyone else he started to gain his daredevil confidence. One day he was in the living room jumping off the couch. When he landed he did not fall on his knees. His balance was much better. I watched him do it over and over again. It was like a miracle had taken place right before my eyes. Within two weeks after the healings began he started to run around the house. I know it is a rule at the gym’s kids club to not allow the children to run, but the women were amazed to watch him run for the first time. They did not have the hearts to tell him to stop. To be able to witness him being able to run with joy and excitement just makes my heart sing. Every time I am grateful that words cannot speak. The gift Mia den Haan gave me is what every parent would wish. It was a blessing and I am so thankful.
Arlen was referred to Easter Seals for speech therapy however services were stopped in 2012 before Arlen could attend. This was what Kerie wrote in her book about Mia’s healings.

The next healing my son received was for his communication. When you have a child with autism, the communication barrier varies. My son is four and a half and could say words, but putting those words together to form a sentence was not easy for him. At times it felt like a guessing game and I had to learn to show objects of various foods to get a response from him. However, a week after Arlen received his speech evaluation he received his first distant healing for his communication. Within a few days people saw his use of words expand and it still does to this day. Every day his use of words and sentences expands. Now I have to watch my own words because there have been times he will recall and repeat what I said. I cannot help but smile with joy. I have not changed his diet or tried any new techniques. The average child can say the sentences Arlen now speaks at a much younger age, but an autistic child cannot. I can now have a conversation with my son and to me that has been priceless. While it may be hard for some people to believe in my son’s amazing healings, but he did not get any speech therapy over the summer from preschool and no other resources were available.

Kerie Logan http://www.empoweredwithin.com/


Healings for Sonhui and her autistic son 

Sonhui L. US


Rebecca talks about weight loss and help for her Autistic twins.

Rebecca C. US


My six year old son was suffering terrible nightmares which often woke him up in the middle of the night in panic and terrified.

After he was given Mia’s distant healings he no longer wakes up screaming.
His nightmares and panic have completely disappeared.

He was also helped with bullying at school that has now settled as well.
Him and his brother are now also playing better together after these distant healings were given

Anita M. – Melbourne Australia


At the age of five my son Jesse could barely speak and showed all the signs of autism, and although we did seek help through his Early Childhood Teacher when he was only three, for some reason, it never became available. It wasn’t until he began attending Prep in January 2011 that we were advised by his teacher, how to get him properly diagnosed, so he could get the extra learning support he needed.
In March 2011, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and arrangements were made for him to attend the Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP) 2 days per week. He also began to see a Speech Therapist and an Occupational Therapist once a week. However, despite all the extra help, his improvement was minimal. It wasn’t until late June 2011 when we decided to put him on one of Mia’s healing packages for the second time that his autism really started to improve dramatically!
In less than two weeks after the healing work began Jesse was speaking in full sentences and he began interacting more with his peers! My son’s phenomenal progress was also noted by his teachers at both his Prep school and the ECDP. He will no longer be attend ECDP after the school holidays and will be full time back at primary school.
When Mia first worked with my son when he was four she told us he would be healed, but only when he was ready, in his timing and not ours! His speech and cognitive behavior did improve somewhat at the time but not enough. However this time he was ready and the improvements are showing it.
Also, one night he was crying with severe pain in one knee and one ankle. Mia’s guidance told us it was fear related. Once the fear was released Mia’s guides told me he would be feeling good in a couple of minutes. As it turned out, he actually fell asleep in a couple of minutes.

Jesse’s Mother – Amanda T. Wynnum Australia


My two and a half year old daughter was very frightened to participate in any kind of group activity.
She would not even play on the slide, swings or any other playground equipment and would remain by my side when visiting a playground.

Even encouragement did not work and she remained frightened.
Within 6 weeks after Mia began giving her distant healings she is now free of these fears and now spontaneously plays with all the playground equipment and the other children without any need for encouragement.
Also just after she turned three she began having nightmare’s whereby she would wake up upset seemingly for no reason. After one of Mia’s distant healings it immediately stopped.

Kim – Canada

TESTIMONIALS UPPER BODY (Sessions & Upper Body MP3s)



Mia did a session that focused on the back of the neck. I didn’t think much about it until days after the session, when we had a clean up after Hurricane Mathew. It involved pending and picking up twigs etc. I also weeded a bed.
I previously had to stop as the back of the neck would always be hurting. I did all the work and then more. Back of head fine, no problems at all after any of the yard work.
Thanks Mia.

Blessings and deep gratitude.

Pauline K. US


Mia, your group calls are amazing! I’ve been on almost all of them and they seem to be getting more powerful each time.

I feel I am getting the same benefit from the group healings as I do from private sessions with you.

During last night’s call I was quite uncomfortable because my neck was acting up again. It was jammed, tight, and painful. By the end of the call I was very relaxed but my neck wasn’t any better.

Something big shifted while I slept because when I woke up this morning my neck was fine!!

Thank you for all that you do….you are a blessing in my life.



This last healing call was fantastic- I totally passed out after 20 minutes and woke up feeling completely different –

The neck healing energy was amazing. it felt more like deep body well being that went in at a cellular level. very profound. I will replay it today.

Thank you for this great weekend of soul level work. It is very profound for me.


Megan P. US


I have had a lot neck pain since I had an accident in my early twenties. After Mia’s healing, I felt a lot of movement of energy, heat and a release in my neck.

I no longer have pain and it can move much more easily and freely now. I have also had chronic fatigue for 30 years also and spent a lot of time in bed.

Now I have much more energy and feel, I am able to live my life to the full and do the things I love.

Thank you Mia.

Sheridan G. Brisbane Australia


Bought Mia’s Upper Body package last week. Two nights ago my mum was in agony with long term chronic neck shoulder back problem. She is in constant pain with it,but on this occasion the pain was hitting 9/10.And this 9/10 rating is from someone who has been told by medical experts she has a high ability to tolerate pain.

I played Mia’s Mp3 for neck and the shoulders..pain level came down to a 1, and my mum was able to get out of bed and on with her life.

Thank you so much Mia you are WONDERFUL!! Highly recommend Mia’s work.

– H, Ireland


“WOW! This was very physical upgrade for me. I felt a lot of energy flowing especially in my forehead and finally in my solar plexus.

My body trembled as the upgrade came in. Now I’m just tingling in light. Wow!”

– Karin, San Francisco


Mia helped me with a very misaligned neck. I cleared and cleared and yet there was more to get to and Mia helped me let go of ancient and current events that I was having a difficult time getting out of my neck.

I am very appreciative to be able to move without excruciating pain.My pain level went from a 10 plus to a 3 in a very short time.

Also within a week of listening to Mia’s weight loss MP3’s I lost five pounds and I was thrilled as I have been a very resistant case.

I felt my body was finally responding. I even planned on eating nothing but smoothies but ate regularly after the first two and lost weight anyway.

I appreciate Mia’s generosity, insight and steady belief it could happen. She took me back to my time at college and a volcanic eruption that disrupted my sense of safety.

She assisted me beautifully in processing my frozen emotions with her clear energy.

Sherry Philips

TESTIMONIALS LOWER BODY (Sessions & Lower Body MP3s)


I wanted to give you a belated testimonial for your show on February 16th with fromheartachetojoy.com.

Remember the woman you worked with, who was having troubles with her hip? At the time, you said that that particular healing probably wouldn’t be available to others, since she had such a complicated personal tangle to undo around it.

So I really wasn’t expecting anything, but I noticed a short while later that my own hips (which are better but still a little rigid, the remains of a neuromuscularimmune etc. illness) were moving better!
I had more fluidity, and more range of motion in them.

You may already have gotten tons of feedback of this kind, but I just wanted to be sure you know that your own range may be greater than you imagine!

Sunday US


Working with Mia Den Haan has been absolutely amazing. A year and a half ago I developed a horrible pain in my hips that by the point I sought help from Mia was so severe that I was unable to walk for long periods at a time. During our session where we addressed this issue she was able to zoom in on the problem and assess that it was in part due to misalignment as a result of bad footwear. She cleared the problem completely in the one session and I’m able to go hiking again.

I highly recommend Mia Den Haan for her outstanding healing ability and high level of integrity and expertise in healing not just on the physical level, but every level where healing is needed. I feel enormously fortunate to be able to have access to what Mia has to offer. I’ve participated in several of the packages Mia has created and can highly recommend all of them, they are enormous value for money. Thank you so much Mia, it’s awesome to work with you.

Mariet D, Belgium


My husband had severe back troubles after Christmas and was already laying flat in bed for 2 weeks with severe cramps and his back completely locked.
Going to the toilet or even rolling over in bed was very difficult for him as he was in so much pain.
Mia was able to service him with a remote healing with great result. Straight away he was sleeping better and got back his energy.
This resulting that he spend first a little time out of bed and after a few days he could walk around the house and do little jobs. 

I am very grateful for service that Mia preforms very professional and caring.
I would certainly recommend her services to others.

Ida V. NSW – Australia


Mia’s special offer package and the session with her, help me to focus and move forward on my spiritual pas easy and effortlessly.

In our session Mia help me with discomfort in my thoracic area that I had for last 35 years.
I don’t feel it now.
Thank you very much

Much Love

Kveta – Canada


After doing a great deal more physical work than I usually do I was having odd hip, ankle, etc pain.

I listened to some of your lower body package, and was blown away by how much it helped. I will do more today and tomorrow.

But thank you very much for it.

I had a really sore foot one day, for reasons I didn’t understand, and after listening to the ankle part of that package all discomfort was gone.

 Liz T. NY USA


Hi Mia,

I wanted to thank you for our session the other day! My hip pain is much better, I hadn’t connected leaving my job with pain. I look forward to the calls beginning next week.

Linda Long

TESTIMONIALS DIGESTION (Sessions & Digestions MP3s)


I just love Mia!  The energy and information she brings from spirit is amazing!

I have healed things in so many areas of my life!  Specifically being able to engage in life.  I have been plagued with digestive problems since childhood including stomach aches, poor digestion, constipation, loose bowel, sensitivity to foods, etc.

Even though the programs I’ve done with her have not been labeled for digestive issues, they have all contributed to healing them as I heal other things in my life.  It’s funny, I receive amazing healing from the topics I really don’t think even pertain to me!

You can’t go wrong with any of Mia’s programs!

Jessica B.


I have been using Mia products for only a few months and got meaningful insight and release about what was going on in my life during our sessions. I specially experienced lots of releasing (yawning) while listening to the clearing for bloating and weak stomach muscle mp3. I thought I will not need it as I don’t have stomach bloating, but I released a lot of fears, repressed emotions that were stuck in this area.

Thank you Mia for your gifts and generosity.

K.N. Canada


After I started listening to Mia’s calls for Digestion Support with Spirit I noticed the abdominal pressure, bloating and acid reflux I had been experiencing for months going away.

Her clearings removed the blocks that caused the discomfort.  I had tried diet changes and several different supplements, but never received the relief like I did with her calls.

Thanks Mia!

~Tracie S  US


I have had a knot in my stomach for as long as I can remember.
During Mia’s call on the stomach and fears, I could feel it being lifted. I could feel the space around my stomach relax.
I have also had digestive issues with certain foods. Although, I still try to avoid them, I’ve noticed that when I do eat them it doesn’t affect me like it used to.
I would recommend her digestive package to everyone.

Cheryll B. US


I participated in Mia’s Digestion Course in Dec 2018 & Jan 2019 and already after the first group call I noticed that my stomach responded better to uncomfortable situations.

In the past I almost always responded with a very heavy and dense feeling in my gut area, but this has become 80 – 90 % lighter after the course and by doing each of the calls in the package two more times.

Each time I noticed improvements and I look forward to repeating the calls again and see what more can be done.

Rachel, Norway


“Mia’s digestion package is very comprehensive and extremely well structured. She covers all aspects of the digestive system and associated belief systems, as well as looking at potential emotional patterns which may be contributing to digestion issues. In addition to the group calls, the digital downloads which come with the package are a great tool for personal use and can be listened to time and time again.

I feel that many of my digestion issues stem from stress and overwork and I find regular listening of the ‘Stress Relief for Digestive Support’ MP3 after work very beneficial to calm my system down, in order to then be able to enjoy my evening. Whether you have a specific digestion issue or not, this package offers many deep clearings which can assist you in lots of different ways both emotionally and practically.

I can highly recommend Mia and this package. Thank you Mia!”

Emily B. UK


You can get no higher recommendation than Spirit, so when Spirit told me I was to work with Mia, I knew she must be something very special. Unique in her approach, gentle, yet profoundly effective To work with her is an opportunity of a lifetime because the very essence of you will be revealed and your life will change in ways you could never have imagined.
In the area of digestion Mia’s help has been invaluable to me. Even though I follow very strict guidelines from Specialists so as not to ” set my stomach off ” it still does because underneath it all is emotional energy upsets. Mia can in minutes transform symptoms that normally would last for weeks and cause me huge distress and pain, completely disrupting my life and making it very hard to be upbeat. She can easily quickly and effectively get to the root cause and it is miraculous to see my huge hard bloated stomach just deflated in mere minutes, the relief is beyond words, and the depth of the clearings she can perform are done in multiple dimensions, at the same time !!
She is so talented and knowledgeable and you are in very safe hands when you work with Mia. I wholeheartedly recommend her for yourself or even very young children she is a breath of fresh air ..Mia has given me a life I could never have imagined a few years ago, she has gently brought me from a very dark place into the light. I am forever grateful to her.
She is amazing and has helped my whole family. No matter what you have tried before Mia’s work is different she can go to places and space most cannot and that shows in the healings she has performed. This is an investment for life as her work upgrades along with you, it meets you where you are at in the moment, which makes it fantastic value! I love Mia and her work this is an opportunity you want to take for the relief from stomach pain is bliss and it opens up your whole life!

Jayne Ireland


I never recognized that I had a digestive concern.  I knew my eating habits had changed since I was young, but just thought it was part of life.
I am not over weight by any means, so why would this be of concern.
In listening to Mia’s call on digestion, she was discussing various fears that would impact the digestion process.  In that call, she mentioned there could be more fears, but she was addressing two of the main patterns.  I must state, that was the start of an awareness of what could be hidden.
Since then, I have been able to ‘digest’ life with a different perspective.  It is a journey, she says, but that has now become fully understood.
Mia has much wisdom and I am grateful for having her as part of that journey.  There may be a subtle change or significant change during her discussions, but I know I truly am not the same person and it is because of the connection to Soul that Mia has and the ability to empower others to be who they truly are in the Now moment and have them strengthen their own inner knowing and connection to Soul.  Her genuine authentic self is a guiding light to be one’s own authentic self.

Thanks again Mia/and Guides.

Blessings, Pauline Veronica


I’ve been very fortunate to have had several one on one sessions with Mia, each session is very special and unique on it’s own, because Mia is tuning in to what is specific to your souls needs at that time.

I find Mia’s work to be impeccable and her connection to Spirit is so powerful,

what she is capable of reading still amazes me.  We have worked on family patterns, blockages to success and abundance, and my personal spiritual growth which is very important to me. Due to Mia’s work, I have experienced tremendous growth and positive changes in all of these areas.

We hardly discuss physical problems, but during my last session, Mia asked about my digestion, which I explained has always been poor and has become more of an issue, with her amazing gift and clarity, Mia tuned into my esophagus specifically, and during our discussion I said I felt the food probably wasn’t going down properly, and that I had reflux as a result.

Mia started the healing process on the esophagus and we moved on to different subjects, by the end of the session, she was told it should be at 100 percent and over the next 3 days, I should see an improvement.

The results were amazing and immediate, anything I ate or drank went down easily and I noticed that my digestion had improved significantly, I usually had difficulty eating salads or raw vegetables and now I am able to include them on a daily basis.

Thank you Mia for the incredible healing you facilitate to both people and our planet.

Love and Gratitude,