I am a complete new person now! I am so grateful to you, dear Mia, for all your help and wonderful clearings you have done for me on all levels. Before knowing you I was living a pretty sad life, in black and white, but now everything is turning into beautiful colors again. I finished up being almost controlled by my partner, but you helped me getting my own power back again. Our relationship definitely changed into better, it is no longer a place of war and anger, but we communicate in a much kinder and more respectful way. Not only that, he is also making giant progress in his own healing process. I am experiencing deep inner peace and my connection with inner guidance and Spirit is getting stronger day by day. Yes, and this happened only in a short month’s time. I am so grateful to you for this transformation. If I had only known you earlier, so much pain and suffering would have been spared for me and all the people I interacted with in my life!
You have this special gift to get immediately to the exact point, to a past life, karmic issue, entanglements with others, in a present situation or past, no matter what it is, you find it and it is already cleared in that same instant. You see the overall picture!
After having received clearings from you as well during private sessions as collectively during our group calls I just remain in awe for all the healing that took place instantaneously, a real miracle! I am reborn because deeply inside, hidden blocks, ancient fears, all those threatening distortions and entanglements which once pushed me through life having 100% command over me, finally got released and transformed. My life finally unfolds in a peaceful way while I feel I am safe and secure from an inside state. You helped me becoming myself again, a even better version of me.
May I say one more word about your group calls? It remains an enigma for me how you manage to bring all the various individual threats of each single participant together, knowing at the same time exactly where and what is going on individually and as a group, identify and pull that one threat which is uniting the whole group and get an instant healing done for each single person’s need, everybody included and no one left behind! All that with grace and ease! And I have not mentioned the ripple effect on a larger scale!
I will definitely recommend you to everyone, when needed, as the very best healer now available on the planet.
In deep gratitude for God having sent you to us and in deep gratitude for you having accepted his call and doing such a glorious job!

With all my love,



In this call Eram Saeed  talks about her experience with Mia’s healing

Eram Saeed


I had a reading with Mia Den Haan yesterday and I have to say I’m seeing the results already after just 24 hours of the clearing. I won’t go into personal detail, but some of the issues she cleared were karmic and had to do with fears around male figures.

I have a good male friend who I had inexplicably grown distant from in the past couple years. Suddenly out of the blue today he contacted me and all the confusion and fear I felt are gone!

I was told by Mia that it could take up to 3 weeks to see the results of this clearing and already I’m seeing some great outcomes. I also attended the group call today that was completely relevant to the clearings I had the day before on grief.

Talk about synchronicity! Thank you, Mia for your work. Many blessings!

Jaime E. US


It was a pleasure having the opportunity to experience your Soul work.

Thank you for your relationship program. Things started shifting pretty quickly for me.

I was so much more responsive rather than reactive, and felt calmer over all.

I especially appreciate how short and sweet the recordings are, it makes it easy to incorporate as a daily practice!




Mia has helped me tremendous getting over the break up with my fiancee.
He had an affair and left me which brought up much feeling of being abandoned and being betrayed and Mia over a three week period of distant healings managed to turn me from thinking my life was ruined to realising that the break up from my fiancee was actually the best thing that could have happened and that I didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore.
I also realised that the love I felt for him was only that of a friend.
So we have managed to have a really smooth and kind and loving break up in which we both remain friends thanks to Mia’s help and support.
Thank you!

C. G. – UK


During the past 5 years I have had several healings from Mia for different situations.
One such situation was when my ageing mother and I shared the same house and were not relating well. After a session with Mia my awareness of her changed and that resulted in a much improved relationship between us.
On another occasion a close relative of mine who was still young at the time, was critical ill in hospital and we were told by her doctors that they were not sure if she would make it through the night. Mia did a channeled healing session that same night and told me she was going to live, which she did.
That guidance gave me the assurance I needed during those difficult times, when medically no assurance could be given at first.
A third occasion was at work when I was having difficulties with a more senior staff member. After a session with Mia that situation much improved to make it more tolerable for me to deal with the situation.

Helina Y. Brisbane – Australia



I have used the Divine Soul Essence Method with success one several occasions.
On one occasion I needed to resolve a longstanding disagreement between myself and my ex-partner.
When I started applying this method, this disagreement resolved itself “automatically” in no time and in the best possible way, in a way I never expected was possible.
On another occasion I used it at work.
The tension around me was often unbearable.
Within one week it all began to ease and there is now far less stress around me compared to how it was before.

Rob M. Wynnum – Australia


I have used the Relationship package 3 times and the results were amazing.

I have tried numerous other modalities but this one is absolutely outstanding as you feel the layers clearing little by little and you feel lighter and happier along the way. The first time I used it, I slept with ease and bliss which hadn’t happened in 8 months.

Mia’s voice is soothing and comforting and her instructions are clear. The most amazing thing is that you can use it on any type of relationship not only a loss or a broken heart, it actually also resets any relationship that is imbalanced.

It’s like the slate is clean and you can start anew without any previous tensions and conflicts.

If your relationships are tense, confrontational and dense, I warmly recommend this series as it provides clarity and dissolves density.

Thank you Mia! You are a blessing”

Rym, New York


I have received from you insight that I have never received before and I have spent many years on this path receiving insight from different people.

The insight is at such a deep level that it goes into your multi-dimensional self (and this is amazing!!!).

The work you have done on me has created shifts in my life. I have seen positive change in my relationship just as you had said would occur and this is so valuable to me.

I am sure also that I have felt sensations in my body as you have been working on me remotely as these have occurred at the same time as you have said you will be working on my issues. Again this is amazing.

Thank you for your gifts and sharing them with me.

Davin (United Kingdom)


Mia’s healing allowed me to not only bridge the deep rift between my husband and I but to also find laughter and optimism once more in our marriage. We are now together for all the right reasons.

There is more trust than ever before and a healthy dose of self-awareness from which to nurture the relationship.

Mia’s healing is always about giving power back to soul.

Her work has certainly benefited my relationships and self-empowerment in very profound and life-changing ways! Perhaps ‘be prepared to have more peace and soul alignment’ should be written in as fine print for each of her healing.

Celine R. Canada


Dear Beautiful Mia!       I wanted to let you know about how wonderful your package is that I got from Eram’s show! I love how these clearings are in short “doses”.

How you and my soul do all the work, all I have to do is say “yes” but I can feel the once stuck energy move out of my body!

When asked to think of a relationship I would like the clearing for, my relationship that ended 4 years ago came up. I honestly thought I had moved on and healed from that relationship breakup… After it had happened I didn’t take it so well and spent most my time in bed for a year and a half filled with sorrow and agonizing over the loss of him.

When doing the clearing, in my mind’s eye I could see a dagger that was placed in my heart transmute into sparkles and felt the sparkles tingle! In my current relationship I felt suspicious that he would break my heart also, but after the relationship clearings I no longer feel the suspicion and even feel more love for him!

I am truly liberated from the Trauma that breakup caused! Thank you to you! And also the Beautiful Eram for introducing you to our community, you both are Angels sent by God!!



Starting the Success and Spirit programme felt like beginning to climb an unreachable mountain.
By the time I finished first 3 MP3s and 2 calls I was so terrified and my blockages and stuckness blew even more way out of proportion.
I had many issues others were facing and received healings with some wisdom being imprinted, but at the same time it felt like calls were bringing to the light very deep unseen scary personal issues that were stuck on many levels.

ThEn luckily I had 30 min with Mia which felt like magic as my fears and blockages immediately disappeared or became manageable, and mountain vanished. Afterwards I found myself feeling more settled and at peace, happy with where I am and how things are currently developing.

One of the most precious invaluable gifts I got out of it was that quality of relationship with my son changed immediately as Mia offered some insights about my mothering and healed blockages that were on a way.

I am very grateful and looking forward to future magic with Mia.

Kristina M. UK


Hi Mia I wanted to let you know how my situation has changed after our last session.

After months of battling with my ex and trying to get him to comply with court orders he has become very civil and cooperative.

I know you did clearing on our family soul group and since that clearing our family life has become more harmonious and peaceful which is such a blessing.
It has been such a difficult time for us and I thank you whole heartedly for your support through this.

After feeling weary and worn out for so long I am now feeling more positive and strong enough to start moving forward again.

Fiona N. UK


When the email arrived in my inbox from Eram, announcing a new speaker being on the call the following Monday in the headline, I was already electrified and mentioned this to a couple of friends. Only a day later did I actually have time to open that email. It was the one announcing you, Mia.

I was almost ready to buy a package right then, but there were three choices so I held off until I had heard the call. I listened, experienced and felt the very powerful activations / clearings / healings you were able to do.

Even though I work with Energy myself, I do not always feel it, especially when it is being done for a tele summit call. This was amazing!!!

Before the call was over I bought package 3. after downloading the items, I decided that the most important one for me was the one about “Getting over Relationships”. In my case it had to do with miss-using information that I had shared with a friend.

There were many emotions that came to haunt me about this, which had “thrown me for a loop” as one says. After listening to the 2nd to last clearing in this item, I went to bed with the intention of sleeping the whole night.

Spirit, had, however different plans for me. I woke around midnight and did not go back to sleep until about 4 am.

I decided to get up at some point and channel-write. The word betrayal came up… not a word that I had thought of before.

I am very much looking forward to the live calls that are coming up very soon.

Two days after finishing those clearings, I had my 1:1 session with you. I can hardly find the words to describe this experience! Mia, you are an extremely gifted, spot-on, caring person, and filled with integrity. Since I had done the other clearings first, I believe it had made me ready to go very far in this personal session.

I have also done a 2nd item, the “Inner Love and Wellbeing”. This one too has enabled some very powerful shifts within me.

Between these 2 items it has pulled me out of this emotional upheaval that I had experienced for about 3-4 weeks before. I look forward to experiencing the rest of the items!!! “Finding” you, Mia has been a huge joy for me and your accent is part of your charm! It does not alter the power of the healings you do. What you offer, and deliver is pure MAGIC!!!

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. I look forward to working with you some more.

Barbara, Alberta, Canada


I bought Mia den Haan  Divine Soul Essence package and found ‘Getting Over Relationships’ very beneficial to me. I listened to this and also her calls on summits to help me with relatives coming to visit.

When I met my relatives I knew that I felt stronger, calmer and in control and able to stand up for myself.  Previously I would have kept quiet and internally raged making myself feel sick.

I found Mia’s package led to this transformation and helped me more than ‘talk therapy’ I look forward to continue with her work

Thank you Mia

Margie L. Ireland


I have now used this method for some time and found the benefits to be profound when used in the way Mia recommend it. I have used it on many occasions in many different situations. I have used it on several occasions with different family members.

I have also used it to help bring more balance into a work situation where I no longer felt happy. I notice more well-being afterwards without being too involved in what the actual changes are.

Amanda D. – Australia


Working with Mia’s epic program I found myself releasing old family patterns of working yourself to exhaustion. I am now pausing taking more time to observe my surroundings and appreciate them which then helps to fill up my heart space with joy.

Taking the time to stop and watch the sun set. I have started to find moments of internal joy which had been eluding me.

I am very grateful to Mia for her amazing work.

Muirin  Ireland