I discovered Mia on a tele summit just over 3 years ago.  I’ve taken courses, participate in monthly calls and have had private sessions.  While my life has transformed in all areas, my professional life is where I have seen the most profound changes.  I’m an Accountant, not a healer or therapist.  One of the reasons I was drawn to Mia was her experience in business.  She understands what I do and the environment that I work in because she has lived it.  I value her advice as much as her clearings.

My back story is that I worked for a company that went bankrupt and then went into an industry that suffered a significant collapse.  I went back to school and received a master’s degree in Accounting, a field I hadn’t worked in for more than 20 years.  I was middle-aged and lacked the computer skills that younger accountants possessed.  I was in survival mode, working in a toxic environment with low pay, had no sense of self-worth and was under extreme stress.  I needed a lot of help!

In corporate America It is not enough to be competent, capable and hard-working.  You really need that “something special”.  Mia is that “something special” for me.  She has helped me maneuver hidden agendas, manipulation, and jealousies to name a few.  We have worked on my challenges with age, low self-worth, lack, fear of the future and so much more.  Her advice is subtle, practical and deeply profound.

I have doubled my income, obtained my CPA license and become quite successful in financial planning and analysis since I began working with Mia.  I am living with a sense of peace I couldn’t even imagine a few years ago.  I have an inner confidence that radiates from me.  I value myself and my work and know that I bring a unique and valuable skill set to the table.  People seek me out for advice, treat me with respect and honor what I have to offer.  These changes have been virtually effortless on my part.  Working with Mia is like talking to a friend and then transformation occurs.

I offer a couple of examples.  While I was preparing for the CPA exam, I hit a point where I was questioning my ability to pass the four required exams.  I brought up my concerns via a written question during a group call.  Mia spoke a few words and my anxiety dissolved so quickly that I laughed out loud at the absurdity of questioning myself.  Another time, I was having serious difficulty with a new, very arrogant colleague.  He was taking a competitive very adversarial stance with me.   After a session with Mia, the relationship completely transformed.  He and I get along great now.  I am in awe at how quickly others have changed and how easily issues have completely released.

I so am deeply grateful Mia, for all that you have done for me.

Carol F. US


I have worked with Mia on several issues I was experiencing in the workplace, with miraculous results. 

Most notably, she has helped me to successfully resolve several issues with bullying from both colleagues and management. In one instance, a colleague who used to undermine and bully me on a daily basis has now become a great ally and is incredibly supportive towards me in ways I could never have imagined a couple of years ago. 

I was also struggling to get a promotion when I first started working with Mia. Over time, she helped me to recognise my own strengths and value and I have now received the promotion I had been striving for for such a long time. 

Since getting my promotion, as well as some additional recognition for my work, my income increased by 25% in a year. Mia’s work helped to align me to success and I was then able to take appropriate action to support this, without previous limitations holding me back. 

Having been a successful business woman and business owner herself, Mia has many years of invaluable experience and can apply this to help clients resolve inner conflicts lying in the way of success in the workplace. It is refreshing to work with a spiritual coach and leader who has so much relevant life experience and I am personally very drawn to her work because of this. I always feel like I am in safe hands with Mia and trust her to act with the utmost integrity. 



Following on from my session with you and my email last week , I got a phonecall out of the blue for a job I had applied for before Christmas.

The gentleman on the other end of the phone said he was about to put a x through my cv as I was too qualified for the job, but he was curious and decided to give me a call to see why I would want this job. Before the  end of the call he  invited me  for an interview last Wednesday here in Cairns and then I got word on Thursday I got the job.

I will be the Sales Manager in Cairns for a removals company I start the job on the 1 st of February and there is a car with the job.

I am so grateful to get this opportunity and I wanted to say a big thank you for the clearing you did that allowed this to occur.

I hope to do another session with you in the near future.

Thank you so much

Love and light

Tina O. Cairns


Mountains of internal resistance have evaporated for me since working with Mia in her “Success Package”. Each day I’m in my alignment of a powerful “Success” flow. I’ve gone from dragging myself through the day, not understanding why I wasn’t gaining momentum on building my new business to getting all of my copy written for my new website, working with a team to launch the new products and having sales and new networks with the right people opening up. I feel happy throughout my day.
I followed her directions with listening to the recorded calls before attending the “Live” calls. The big shifts started really showing up about three weeks into the program. The centered and purposeful calmness feels unshakeable. Mia’s gifts of seeing the hidden fears and blockages meets me at my Soul Level and my trust in receiving her guidance and assistance continues to grow.

It’s a treasured gift for me to feel truly seen and to be able to measure
the growth and expansion on a practical level.

Thank you, Mia!

Fawn Christianson


After several sessions with Mia I found that various areas of my life began to work much better and that stresses I used to get that affected me greatly diminished a lot after a spiritual healing session.

Working for a large organization and with a lot of corporate responsibility, managing large projects totaling millions of Euro’s, I found that the spiritual guidance I received helped me in my decision making as well as dealing in a harmonious way with difficult clients or staff.

Thus, I can recommend Mia for any situation dealing with difficulties related to people.

Piet K. Netherlands



After having a private session with Mia and being in process of her success class, I have made a major break thru.

The breakthrough came by clearing massive amounts of deep ridden fears. I no longer have to spend hours on the phone, seeking approval from friends and colleagues.  I did not realize I was doing this in such an excess. I have been in Real Estate Sales for many years and  being held back, with fears surfacing  of clients, situations. I can now feel I am sensing my intuition and using it.  The best is yet to come as clearings continue!

Thank You Mia,

Paula McKinney, California


I really enjoyed these calls so far.  Thank u Mia!  I have been running the profanity that men are in authority over me in business and personal life from childhood. By the 2nd live call and after I feel very differently about men in my job and men I meet.  I work in a very male dominated business and it’s Amazing how this has changed things.

I feel so much happier and empowered in all areas of my life.  It’s been a while since I have been in a relationship and one of the reasons was that I didn’t want someone controlling me. I feel much more open to opportunities now.  My boss has always been nice to me but he is even more supportive in my work and of whatever I need on my spiritual path!  All this happened right away following the live calls!

The part I liked best about the program is that it encompasses all parts of life not just the title.  It’s a whole health and balance thing. Mia is so intuitive and loving of the planet and forward thinking and engaging in each of her programs.  Thank u for all your help Mia,  You are amazing!

Shelby B.


Mia’s Divine Essence Soul Healing on Success is an amazing and unique healing program for continuous spiritual growth and soul maturation in the here and now. It goes deep and wide. This is support for life. Clearings go not only deep into many layers but also heal many aspects of the bigger picture to ensure continued success in the many areas where success is blocked.

I started the program in a bit of a hurry as there were potential complications and delays brewing around an extra income source. As a result of using Mia’s Divine Essence Soul Healing on Success, not only did the best outcome to my situation come about within the week I completed my first round of the 5 modules, another long-delayed project got the push it needed to progress. After 4 years of confusion, procrastination and feeling jinxed, these events were the long-awaited breakthroughs I needed to regain my confidence. I feel more directed than ever before.

Mia’s unique teachings and clearings have furthered my understanding of soul and spirit in a way that has allowed my mind to quieten down enough for my heart to now lead the way to a life with less stress and more happiness. I am now ready to show up fully in the world, aligned with my Soul’s purpose, and with Spirit’s guidance.

 LJL, Vancouver B.C.


Mia’s Success package goes deep on many levels.  I could feel old patterns long ingrained into me by family, culture and past lives being dissolved.

I was surprised at what could and was holding me back, many latent fears of being seen and speaking out. One of the modules even opened me up to the practical everyday things needed to succeed in the business world or as a business owner.

What didn’t come from her spirit came from her experience in the business world. This program is helping me step out to be seen.  I have more actively engaged potential clients and I am communicating with more authority and confidence…and people are listening!

Anne in US



Jodi F. US


I was not sure what to expect from the workshop. I was very surprised.

Mia introduced me to a new way of helping myself dealing with my issues unlike anything else I have done before. It was simple and powerful.

I have been using these techniques with ease and amazing results.

I am moving ahead in every area.

Workshop Attendee – Brisbane


I have had the great pleasure of working with Mia for some time now.

Her integrity is impeccable and her ability to hone in on blocks and clear them is remarkable. She works at very high level planes to access the information and once the clearings are complete there is no need to return to those issues again.
She is capable of tuning into and working on issues beyond the individual thus aiding in altering human experience on a larger scale.

It has taken me but a mere several months to reach the level of steady happiness in my life that I am living today.
I have more success in my work, more confidence in myself, and my life has transformed quite notably.
I have magical moments occurring on a daily basis, my intuition is expanding and I mostly experience inner peace these days. When I do feel a little out of synch, I am able to get back into alignment quickly.

I am so grateful for the work I have been able to do with Mia and for her mastery of the highest order. I continue to work with her on a regular basis.

Betsy Shands US


I was so glad to have Mia’s support through her SUCCESS &  SPIRIT COURSE while I was looking for a job. Part of me was enjoying the free time in between jobs. Also part of me was feeling tense about finding a job since I have a strong belief that work is a heavy burden for me. I felt much lighter after using her course.

Mia’s product was so efficient and profound. She offers a worksheet with each of her group calls. I liked doing that because I felt more prepared for the live calls. During the group call Mia tapped into the group energy so clearly and accurately. And, she cleared the hidden karmic patterns and subconscious beliefs which showed up in the group consciousness. She can do this energy work so quickly.

Moreover, Mia always knows how to guide us energetically and pragmatically. She can access the layers and layers of information, and she can discern what is the most important info at this moment for her clients. I think that is one of her precious abilities. By guiding us step by step with the support of spirits, Mia makes sure that we have a tangible result.

Y.O.  Japan


Mia den Haan group calls are powerful and have helped me to move to a new home, clear fears, and connect more fully with my soul.

I love how Mia takes common threads and works with the group to clear and update them. She works with source energy and has high integrity.

Mia den Haan has amazing abilities that connect to the heart/soul of the matter, she sees and has the ability to help us heal in multiple dimensions. How cool is that!?

Kelly from California


I have had success in different areas of my life over the years, however, it was only outside of home.

Ever since I can remember, I have lived in total chaos. My houses have been disorganized, filled with clutter and even dirty. I still functioned on the outside but I eventually did come to realize that the chaos was a reflection of what was really happening inside of me. Despite successful outer accomplishments, the way I lived was always a closely guarded secret.

I joined the success group calls with Mia and absolutely love them! I listened to the recorded products and was eager to attend our first group call. My goal was to declutter and organize my home. As I mentioned earlier, I have struggled with this all of my life and I must add that I am almost 50! To my surprise, the day following our first group call, I found myself in my bedroom sorting, cleaning and organizing. It was pleasant/enjoyable as I listened to music and moved furniture around etc… The most striking part for me was that I found myself doing it quite naturally. I didn’t need to talk myself into it, plan it or coerce myself in any way. I naturally started creating a better environment for myself easily and effortlessly as a result of listening to Mia’s recordings and participating in the 1st of 3 group calls. I can’t wait to see what will happen next!

Thank you Mia
Chantal M. Montreal Canada


Hi Mia–thank you so much. I listened to the first four Success calls (probably faster than recommended), and am amazed by the depth and power of your work.

I felt a huge reduction in anxiety about taking the next steps to continue my education. And your discussion & clearings on government control in “Pathways and Blockages to your Success” were some of the most powerful I’ve ever experienced — almost all of my Trump angst, gone in one fell swoop!

Thank you!

Leslie F.


Although I have more clearing to go, I have cleared / eliminated a multi-year addiction / toxic relationship and i have cleared and become very aware of some past ancestral fears.

I have cleared my doubts of moving into a new position, and I no longer feel stuck in my past doubtful areas.

I am more aligned to my higher soul using the awesome clearings in your program.



Mia, first of all, I must thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts.  I say that as plural because I have experienced so many gifts from you.
At first I thought I was going into this Success package for my career.  It has ended up being about changing my Life.  All of it.  Your clearings on the calls are as expansive on the replays.  Layer after layer of my “issues” have been addressed not only from re-listening to your voice, but also the other callers.  I feel closer to you & although I don’t actually know any of them, I feel closer to the callers that you worked with.  The very best part is that these calls are continuous.  As things crop up in my life, I just listen to a replay or an MP3 (always going over the worksheets of course.  After all I am a rule follower, lol) & the very best version of myself comes thru.  Maybe in a moment, but sometimes the next day, or even a couple days’ layer. And I love how it isn’t up to me.  It is up to Source.  My higher self knows when these clearings should be completed.  Or is completed even what it is?  Maybe it is just an upgrade until i am completed.  So….infinite wisdom from you…from Source.  How amazing is that?!? 🙂
  The word ‘magic’ as a child was glorious, but once I stepped into the religious world back in 1999, it had evil connotations.  Magic as in Black. Magic as in Sorcerer. Magic as in Dark & full of dread & fear. Yet, since I no longer take part in organized religion, I can whole-heartedly proclaim how magical your clearings are on my (lives) Life. I love you dearly & I am so looking forward to our one-on-one. 

You are so down-to-earth while simultaneously flying in the heavens.  I’ve never met anyone like you, but hope to one day see you face to face, you are glorious & I thank God for you!


When I am unable to see the forest for the trees – Mia brings in the balm of ease!

Healing at the intuitive level – a soothing balm for my soul through the connection with spirit!

Beautifully and authentically assists with clearing and releasing the deeper blocks in my energy that allow my soul to move more into alignment  and connect more fully with the true essence of who I am and how I want to show up in my human experience…

The Healer’s healer!



Thanks MIA and guides. 

Success can be defined by many in different ways. I am already successful in many areas of my life.  The success series shifted something so I can explore more aspects of myself.   It helped me get excited about my ideas and this time take action. 

 The action was more away from my primary work and towards just doing some fun activity.  I believe this will greatly help with balance in my life.  In that state,  I can begin to express more of myself – soul fullfillment.

Pauline K USA


Recently I bought Mia´s Your Divine Soul Essence Healing Package on Success. I bought it together with a personal session which adds extra value. I feel the personal session takes care of that which needs deeper digging so I always take the opportunity to buy the version with a session included.  

This is the 3d or maybe 4th time I bought one of her packages. I think they give much value in that they provide so much healing/clearing and can be used again and again.  

I just finished listening to the 5 modules on Success for the 2nd time and it feels like I am going to continue repeating them as I feel improvements each time. All in all I have seen great improvements since I started with Mia´s healing work about a year ago. Highly recommended!

Andrea A. Norway


I had my personal issues of scarcity addressed on the live group call . I had a cold and felt run down as well and when I posted this in the chat box, Mia addressed this and informed me that I had to stop all energy work for 24hours to get some rest.

Although issues addressed were for the group , I also got individual clearings in a group setting which I found priceless. The group calls were powerful “

Reenee – Trinidad and Tobago