I have been fortunate in knowing Mia and having the privilege of several sessions with her and her spirit guidance.

These sessions have helped me to become more aware of old negative patterns and well-rehearsed habits that have held me back in the past and prevented me from moving forward. They have helped me to look deeply into who I really am and what my true purpose here on earth is.

They have given me strength and courage to follow that path, while letting go of fears and anxieties and have shown me new ways of being. I have new-founded hope and faith that I can make changes if I trust, and let go of wanting to control everything with my mind. I have gained new insights into issues that I had been trying to deal with on my own for years.

After a session with Mia, I have felt more peace about the situation which had been troubling me, and new hope that the situation can be resolved.

Mia is a warm and caring person with a great desire to help others to see their own ‘specialness’ and Truth, and develop themselves through insight into who they really are.

I would highly recommend her work to anyone who feels conflict in their lives.

Libby C. – Hervey Bay Australia


I have worked with all of Mia’s Divine Soul Essence programs including the most recent Love Package. I find Mia’s work to be authentic, powerful and extremely effective. She gives you clear instructions on usage and the quality of her recordings are very clear. I have found working with the Love Package to have direct effect on my life. Bringing more calm, self love and self realisation on how to create a more loving life for myself. One which is more creative, nourishing and playful.

Leadon   Ireland


Any and all time spent with Mia is invaluable.

She has a beautiful, calm energy and is compassionate beyond measure.

I have benefited greatly from her recorded clearings, her group calls and a personal session.

As far as I am concerned, she is unquestionably the go-to person for anyone who is seriously interested in intense personal growth.

Diana R.


A couple of years ago, Mia offered two mp3 called “Love and You, With Assistance of your Divine Soul Essence and Spirit” as a free gift on a telesummit. I listened to those mp3s once a week for several months to work on healing some childhood memories that still caused me pain.
I later purchased the package that those mp3s were from, and listened to one daily for nearly a year.
Mia’s mp3s are a gentle, but thorough way to release old trauma and pain. Simply listening to one mp3 per day shifted many areas in my life, particularly where I was holding onto negative emotions and patterns. Mia’s work brought me clarity and peace on some very old trauma.
I just had a session with her, and was awed by her insights. I look forward to having sessions with her in the future, as her work always shifts my life in miraculous ways. 



I want to thank you for the 45 minute soul clearing session and ‘upgrade’ last night.

Wow! You are amazing.

All night and still today I have much more space and expansion in my heart and soul.

I feel so much more love and light in my heart space.

It’s palpable and feeding me deeply and  hasn’t left me all day even as I go about my daily tasks.  I am a new creation and my cup runneth over.

Thank you so much.

Mary F.    Fl. US


Mia, for me your group calls were transformative.  I looked forward to each one with hopeful anticipation.  Each was a precious jewel.  I’m working through a very deep grief.  First, you guided me to insights underlying my grief … and brought a stillness and comfort that surpasses my understanding.  The clearings you gave us to use between calls were gentle yet powerful.  I continue to use them.  Also, I found it didn’t matter whether I was chosen to speak with you on the call or not.  Either way I received powerful clearings.  Your last call was a most amazing experience … as you spoke, your words were like homing devices, latching onto hidden targets with rapid fire precision, searching out and destroying long buried hurts, trauma and physical manifestations.  As a result of your calls … and the gifts you shared with us … I feel a gentle, quiet releasing of struggle … small, yet powerful insights are leading me back to myself, rekindling an excitement of spirit, emerging clarity and inner resilience.  I’m so grateful for this … Thank you Mia. 

Audrey G.  (Colorado)


I so enjoyed the 3 group calls. My soul was in such a fog but I must say my soul is now jumping for joy.
I have had a personal session as well. I have now been able to realize that fear of the future or the unknown was holding me back. In the group calls that came up and I didn’t think it applied to me, but it did and I finally realized it.
The extra clearings that I listened to really woke up my soul. I felt something in my forehead then it went deeper into my forehead. It was almost like my pineal gland was being cleared. I feel a weight was lifted off of me. I feel lighter. I feel joyful. Mia you are unique In what you do and I so appreciate my soul being guided to you.



Mia helps one empower oneself.  It is a journey but having Mia there is a great comfort. 

I trust that with this growth, the opportunity to work with Mia, I too can continue to help others for the Greatest Good.  

Pauline K. FL. US.


“The healing weekend was a wonderful experience for me. I felt so light, so joyful, so uplifted and so supported.

I had new insights and new aspects related to my chosen issue showing themselves to me, and I felt the healing happening in an easy, soft and tender way, like sitting in a pool of pure love, or in a flow of a gently river of love, that by it’s nature knows exactly where to flow. Strong, profound, pristine and beautiful. I’m so grateful.”

Susanne, Denmark


I was on the call with Eram and had amazing experience with a group healing.
I felt like 1000 tons fell of of me and I experienced lightness, freedom of just existing in a present time, for the first time.
I dont speak English very well and  cant tell you how helpful that was for me. As if time stopped and everything was just perfect.
Love you and Thank you so much Mia,God Bless

Kat B. US


I look forward to the healing weekends with Mia den Haan as they always seem to lighten things up. It is not like I specifically notice exactly what shifts but suddenly without fail I feel more harmony, joy and ease.

The only complaint I have is that I think there are too few opportunities of these: I would like this kind of assistance at least once a month!

Andrea A, Norway


I have known Mia since I first attended one of her workshops with a friend in 2004. I knew very little regarding the ‘Spiritual World’ but was very interested to learn more and was very taken with Mia at that workshop. After asking a few questions she told me there would be a change in direction regarding my gifts and how I would apply this in the near future.

Not long after I began becoming very aware of energy around me. Sometimes when with friends or late at night I became more and more aware of loved ones that had passed over. I then phoned Mia and had several sessions which was a wonderful experience as it enabled me to open to my higher self and to my own gift.

I also became more appreciative about what I had been given.

The healing I was now able to give to horses was amazing. My healing gift helped  little premature foals surviving while their owners were already expecting to lose them for being so premature. After working on them for a short period of time and bring the mothers milk down they would be able to get themselves up and drink from the mother.

I have had some wonderful experiences, all thanks to Mia.

I am looking forward to more sessions with Mia and how this work will improve even more with the animals and also many friends and family.

May K. – Qld Australia


I feel so good today. Much more myself and with more energy. It has been as if a vampire had been sucking my life source, my energy, right out of me.

Along with your healing I have also taken several steps to protect my energy field. Thank you so much!

With love and light and blessings,

Diana G Canada


Late 2004 I attended a seminar which was presented by Mia.

The information therein gave me many insights into planetary changes which, at the time, were relatively unspoken of in everyday life.

Mia has a great gift in being able to ‘hear’ and channel information from a higher Source. This Source is giving mankind an important message about the current state of the planet and what we can do in order to lessen the impact of the possible tragic events that could take place in the near future, should we continue to live the way we do at present.

She is receiving a Truth – a warning to mankind of things to come. Many events have already happened since her seminar which she could not have predicted herself. I gained more confidence in myself and my way in life. I loved listening to Mia’s channeling. I received some confirmation of what I have read and heard before.

Workshop Attendee – Brisbane


I gained more belief in myself and know that I need to keep doing what I am doing.

I feel freer to venture further in life.

I loved the workshop and understood some of my unresolved issues better.

Workshop Attendee – Brisbane


Through Mia’s channeling, I gained better understanding about soul and its beliefs and needs, about the planet and its possible future, and I increased my understanding of my unresolved list of issues for the day.

Workshop Attendee – Brisbane