I bought Mia’s Weight-loss program and so far have lost 25 pounds in 3 months almost effortless.

I was so impressed that I also purchased the success package because I was afraid I would not pass my nursing license exam (I am 46 years old and my memory is not the best any more).
Not only did I pass but I also received two job offers. One of the hospitals called me and even skipped the peer interview – which is unusual.

I have recommended her to friends.

Dagmar H. US


Mia den Haan delivers big time. Her weight loss with the help of spirit has helped me more than any other program I’ve tried. And I’ve been at this a while. As a result of the clearings I’ve experienced when listening to her group calls and modules, my taste buds seem to be changing, along with other addictive type cravings. I have lost at least 10 pounds, and I seem to have FINALLY cleared my sweet tooth. So much so, that certain types of treats which used to give me pleasure now have the opposite effect. I recently tasted a spoonful of ice cream (my weakness) and found it unpleasantly sweet. One taste was enough. I actually made a face! The clearings have also made night time eating (one of my issues) a thing of the past for me. Once I got as far as the fridge. But I stopped, turned around, and went right back to bed.

In one group call, Mia worked extensively on our livers. I woke up feeling revitalized the next morning. I’ve noticed that prior to Mia’s group calls, I usually get an energy burst and the urge to exercise. (Sometimes I am still using my Total Gym when the call starts) I realized this extra motivation was fueled by Mia, simply tapping into us, and checking our needs for the call. BEFORE she formally begins, Mia’s energy is already making me feel better.

I have worked with several healers and their packages over the past 2 years, as I’ve tried to deal with issues from past trauma such as weight gain. With some, I’ve experienced shifts and relief, and I’ve managed to grow more accepting of my body as it is.

But permanent weight loss and control over addictive coping patterns hasn’t been achieved. Mia’s great gifts are finally helping me to shift this paradigm once and for all. I look forward to more positive results as I go through the modules.”

Jody US


“I have had a lot of readings in my life. Past lives-energy work etc. I know I am in a different place because of them.

Mia for me is #1. I give her the symptoms and she does her thing. It has worked out great for me. It has eliminated pain that I have had for a long time and my blood pressure is now in acceptable range (It has been at times 195/80 and medication did not improve it that much). As for the craving for chocolate-after clearing for chocolate… I tried to eat some-glad I had taken only a few chips out of the bag. Seems I have lost my taste for them. Before I could eat them by the hand full. WOW

I thing the greatest think that has come out of her work for me, is that my knowingness (intuition) has improved so much and the peacefulness. Things do not push my button like they used to.

Thank you”

Eunice G. US


“Mia helped me with a very misaligned neck. I cleared and cleared and yet there was more to get to and Mia helped me let go of ancient and current events that I was having a difficult time getting out of my neck. I am very appreciative to be able to move without excruciating pain. My pain level went from a 10 plus to a 3 in a very short time.
Also within a week of listening to Mia’s weight loss MP3’s I lost five pounds and I was thrilled as I have been a very resistant case. I felt my body was finally responding. I even planned on eating nothing but smoothies but ate regularly after the first two and lost weight anyway. I appreciate Mia’s generosity, insight and steady belief it could happen. She took me back to my time at college and a volcanic eruption that disrupted my sense of safety. She assisted me beautifully in processing my frozen emotions with her clear energy.”

Sherry Philips


More than half a year ago I purchased Mia’s weight loss package. The main reason for this was not even weight loss because I felt I was doing quite well already since I had changed my diet to low-carb and I had been exercising several times per week for years. But I felt sure that the program would also address a very broad range of issues because food is related to very general and basic needs and that I would certainly profit from that. And I was not disappointed.

Not only did Mia clear in the group calls many ancient issues of a general nature that were also very relevant to me. The MP3s contain a very comprehensive program that deals with the many aspects that can make weight loss (and other areas of life) difficult. The program moreover helped me to improve portion control – especially in the area of “comfort foods” – without any extra effort!

After several “rounds” of listening to the MP3s I just no longer feel I need an extra amount or certain kinds of food to feel well. Before I could reduce certain types of food using will power but this was accompanied by a feeling of being deprived. Mia’s program helped me to shed even some more excess weight but what is even more important to me is that it makes it much more enjoyable and quite easy to maintain the weight that I have achieved in the long run.

I also benefitted from the liver healing as part of a group call that was included.

The doctor had diagnosed elevated liver enzymes and I also suffered from frequent discomfort in the liver area. I was quite shocked about the blood test because I had followed a diet that I would consider to be quite healthy for years. But the worst thing was that this also meant that there seemed to be not too many options what I could do about it besides reducing my intake of butter a little (I did not eat much of it anyway).

But in one of her weight loss group calls Mia did a very extensive liver healing and I felt the relief right away. Therefore I started to listen to this part of the group call whenever the feeling of pressure in the liver area appeared and this always helped. I am happy to say that in the meantime the pressure has disappeared almost completely and the next blood test showed that all was well again.

Ursula  B. Germany


Thank you for all of your help.
I can feel there is a shift in my field that is changing what I’m compelled to buy when I go the the store.
I’m not as charged to buy the baked goods that plague my life.  What is left is the challenge of changing my habits, which are already adjusting.
These calls and MP3’s are working wonders!

Valorie M. US


Thank you for your weight loss group call!
After the call I felt settled … it was a grounded, comforting feeling. I naturally began to eat less in the evening.
I also found it easier to make decisions!
At work I stayed late, completely clearing my desk, reorganizing projects and paperwork with new-found clarity, and getting detailed projects started!



Thank you Mia,

I have already noticed changes in week 1! And the call yesterday was awesome!

I will be so happy if whatever block that is holding the extra weight on my body is removed or shifted

And my self love, self gratitude and deservingness is amplified – releasing all the “not good enough” energy I seem to carry around.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Thank you for helping shift me and the world to a more loving place! You are truly appreciated!

Jessica Bowman


After the weight-loss group call I experienced feeling energetically lighter, as if the density in my body has lightened up, also feeling emotionally lighter and more conscious of my body.
Mia, Thank you for the clearings and healing.



Since I can remember back to my childhood, I always have been wanting sweets and could never get enough of them. But when I got into puberty things got worse, because I started to put on weight which became a constant battle for my whole life.

The heavier I became, the more consolation I sought in eating chocolate, cakes, ice creme and any kind of sweets. Without realizing it I got caught in a vicious circle without a chance to get out there anymore. Yes, sometimes using all my willpower I seemed to win the battle, but when I broke my iron NO, even just for little bit, with the first piece of chocolate all my efforts got blown away again, and something in me was demanding or better commanding more and more and more.

This was the exact case when I joint Mia’s Weight Loss group call just a few days ago. I was fascinated not only by these complete new information and unexpected correlations and insights but above all by the clearings we all received on this call and which I could feel so clearly happening instantaneously. I was very lucky having a private session booked for the next day, so Mia could even unhook deeper layers and set me free from this slavery of sugar cravings.

In the following days I could look at all those tempting cakes, smell and practically have under my nose even the most delicious sweets without getting triggered anymore, and when my husband was offering me a dessert, just as we used to do, I was surprised how easy and natural it was for me to say “No, thank you, I don’t fancy any right now!”. I am living a miracle!!! – “Sweets have lost their power over me!”
I am infinitely grateful to Mia that she is sharing such a wonderful gift so generously with us.



I have until now only listened to half of the “Weight loss with Spirit” mp3s, but I have already noticed a change in the way I look at food and its nutritional value.

I am now much more conscious about what I eat and have noticed changes emotionally.

I am now also more conscious of my environment and how that sometimes affects me and I feel lighter from within.

At a physical level I have needed to rest and could no longer go for my long walks but I have still not gained weight despite the lack of exercise at the moment because of a painful foot.

I have also noticed since I began using the mp3s that I don’t take life so serious any longer, can easily cope with worry and stressful events and I have also noticed that I can now easily let go of the past.

 Anne, Helmond, Netherlands


I really love working with Mia, I really resonate with the truth that she speaks, helping us to become more aware and to wake up to who we really are. The Healings are amazing. I have heard many occur on phone calls and telesummits and have experienced many myself.

They first occurred after I listened to a series of modules for weightloss. I had a stomach ache everyday at the same time for many years. After listening only once I have not had one since which is Amazing.

I had a private session and she cleared some more connecting it to loss of my father at a certain time. Also she picked up on my daughters voice which at the time was driving me nuts and I didn’t know why and I didn’t really want to admit it. But she gave me validation and cleared whatever it was and our relationship is much more harmonious and her behavior improved (she’s 9). She has also cleared many fears I have held for just living which has helped me to be more calm and present and to handle things better. Thank you Mia for your Awesome work.

I look forward to more!! Blessings!!