Spirit knows what you came here to do and to learn. It guides you along your life path. You may have experienced this when the answers you long for miraculously flow to you, just when you need them. Yet, you may have also noticed, that at times when you are desperate for answers, they often elude you.
Why is this connection so inconsistent? Because sometimes we don’t allow these answers into our awareness.

Here are some simple things you can do to help you connect more consistently to spirit.

First, try to relax and notice how you feel in each moment.

    • What makes you feel good?
    • What makes you feel bad?
    • What attracts you, and what triggers you?

Do this as much as possible. This simple task can be difficult to do because there are so many distractions today and we have not been taught to do this.
But, I encourage you to do these revealing exercises, without discounting their simplicity.
For, this is how you connect to yourself and to spirit. And from here, it’s easier to receive guidance.

Next, if you are struggling with something or experiencing bad feelings, try to stay with the feelings as long as you can. See if you can find the calm in the storm.
From there, ask these questions:

      • (1) “How can I allow more love in my life?”
      • (2) “What is my lesson in this story?”
      • (3) “Spirit, please guide me to my next right step.”

As you engage in this process, you will be more open to Spirit’s guidance, to your own “knowing” and to following your path with grace and ease.