A Special Journey

Life is a journey and we all walk our own unique journey in life.

From your soul’s perspective this journey is determined by several different factors. One such factor is the path of learning your soul wishes you to experience during your lifetime on planet earth.

This path of learning sometimes means that you experience certain emotional or mental states through the parental lineage or family environment. This kind of learning can emerge at different times in your life.

You can find these patterns your soul may wish experience in your family pattern or sometimes in the whole cultures you grew up in. That is the reason why sometimes your soul wishes you to incarnate in a particular culture or family pattern.

Soul Shift

When such a life’s lesson or journey has completed and your soul has fully understood the meaning of it, you often experience what I call a soul shift.

After a soul shift happens, your reality will move to a better state of being and as a result a new version of yourself often emerges. This newer version of you can be happier, more content or more peaceful.

It can also mean that you have a different viewpoint about certain aspects of living or you may develop a different way of being. From a human perspective such improvements are often described as a person having a more mature outlook.

After such a soul shift happens, you will from a spiritual perspective, begin to function from a different level of awareness, whereby you often as a result, begin to view life through different eyes.

The products available through this site have been created with the assistance of Spirit and will also help to create these soul shifts, whereby the newer and better version of you may emerge in a natural way.