The word Soul has taken on different meanings over the years.

As part of my own soul’s journey Spirit and Angels “trained me,” over a period of many years, to become more and more aware of that higher wisdom part of our Soul that simultaneously exists in higher dimensions and also partly in human form.

It was through many such experiences with Soul Essence and the Divine, starting in the early 1970s, that I began to realize the significance and power of this higher Soul Essence, when very little information was available on this subject.

What I learned was that the Soul is a part of you that resides within you, but it also simultaneously resides in many other high vibrational dimensions.

Most of those dimensions are outside human awareness.

Your Soul is the cause, the main reason behind your planetary existence. It plays a much greater role in your life than most people are aware of. It knows Who You Are and what your purpose is in this lifetime. It holds wisdom and it holds your blueprint. 

Your Soul’s intelligence also directs your life force in a better way to support your body and knows what you need for your wellness in every NOW moment.

The Soul combined with Spirit can play a much greater role in your life than most people are aware.

Before birth, your Soul already begins the process of merging with your physical body. It moves in and out of the body  until it anchors itself more permanently sometime during the next few weeks after birth.

Your Soul is eternal. Because it also exists in a very high Divine Reality, it has far greater wisdom than our human perception, can perceive.

It can heal and guide you in many ways and at all levels, etheric, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

You will find that this Soul wisdom is always available and incorporated in any of the products I have created.

It can heal or transcend your reality in an inkling when you and your persona are ready.